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Motorcycles are way better to use regardless if you want to ride away from the city center to check out the lively Jersey coast or navigate your way through the streets of New Jersey.

To fully enjoy your motorcycle without worrying about fines or jail time, we recommend earning your NJ motorcycle permit and license as soon as you can.

Types of credentials issued by the New Jersey MVC

In the state of New Jersey, there are two types of motorcycle credentials that you can apply for.

If you already have a standard driver’s license, you don’t have to file for a separate motorcycle license. Instead, you can apply for a motorcycle endorsement.

The motorcycle license and permit are both issued to drivers who don’t have any driver’s credential.

We recommend checking your available credentials before you apply so you can save money and time.

What are the requirements to earn a NJ motorcycle license?

In order to receive a motorcycle license from the New Jersey DMV, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must not be younger than 17 years old.
  • If you’re a minor, you need to secure guardian or parent’s consent.
  • Present your motorcycle permit.
  • Complete the motorcycle safety program and basic rider course.
  • Pass the New Jersey MVC road test.
  • Present required documents such as birth certificate, previously issued driver’s license, passport, New Jersey ID, marriage certificate, parental consent form and social security number.

Special notes for newbie drivers

Under the latest MVC guidelines in New Jersey, motorcycle drivers must earn a Class M license or instruction permit. The guidelines also require new drivers to practice riding the vehicle with the permit for no less 20 days before he/she can take the road test.

Instructions for new people in New Jersey

If you’re new in Jersey but you already have a motorcycle endorsement/license you can transfer your current credentials. This way, you can have a NJ motorcycle permit and license.

Simply visit the local Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey within two months of moving to the state or before your license expires.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Surrender your valid license from your previous state.
  • Provide proof of residence and identification cards.
  • If your current license is already expired, you need to pass the road and written exams.
  • Settle the necessary fees for the permit and license

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After processing your transfer of credentials, the New Jersey MVC will issue your new license. This will be valid for four years.

Take note that if you’re below 21 years of age, you must complete the MVC Graduate Driver License program before you can earn your license.

How to earn a motorcycle permit

New Jersey motorcycle permits are issued to individuals above 17 years old who pass the knowledge test, and vision screening. The permit is a required credential in order to avail a motorcycle license in any DMV office.

After passing the required tests, you can pay the $5 and wait for the release date of your permit. In most cases, the New Jersey MVC will send the credentials via mail, so you don’t have to pick the credentials from the testing office.

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New Jersey Permit Restrictions

Take note that there are a number of restrictions in using your permit. To avoid getting reprimanded by the local authorities, don’t do the following:

  • Transporting passengers
  • Using limited-access roads or interstate highway
  • Riding during the wee hours of the day

Before you can take the road test, you must hold your issued permit for a few months depending on your age.

If you’re under 21 years, you should hold your permit for around six months. If you’re above 21 years old, you can apply for a license three months after the permit issuance date.

How to earn a motorcycle endorsement?

As mentioned earlier, drivers who already have a standard license can apply for a motorcycle endorsement. This type of credential is a supplementary document created for previously licensed drivers.

To get the endorsement, you need to pass the safety education program of the MVC and a basic rider course.

If you’ve completed the course, go to the MVC office in your area and submit your proof of residency and identity, course certification, vision test results and the $42 endorsement fee.

If you fail to enroll in a basic rider course, you must earn a permit and start practising with your own motorcycle. Once you’re confident to take the test, you can schedule an appointment with the New Jersey MVC via their website or contact number.

After passing the road test, you must submit the required proof and fees.

Are you ready to apply for your New Jersey motorcycle credentials? Secure the necessary paperwork and prepare your payments. After you pass the written test and road test, you can finally roam around with your favorite motorcycle.