Are you a bike enthusiast? If yes, then this post is something you would enjoy reading as it explains all about the history of the Royal Enfield bikes, and by the end of it, you would come to know all about the modifications of the Royal Enfield, which had been brought till date.

The classic features of the bike are so attractive that it has managed to be the centre of attraction for all the bike lovers as of now. Moreover, the thundering sound of the bike is something that will make everyone the road look at the bike, and this is something that would surely make the owner of the bike very proud.

Features of the bike

The Royal Enfield motors are originally British Company, and it has earned huge respect as it provides premium features to the customers. The Bullet was a model of the company which gained fame all over the world all because of the elegant looks it has. The British style of engineering sticks to the sophisticated styles since years and no difference is the Royal Enfield.

The company has managed to design the outlook giving it a traditional touch. The Royal Enfield logo adds to the elegance of the bike, and hence this is something which makes the bike a luxurious liability. The clutch, brake and the handle of the bikes are designed in such a way that they provide a good grip to the customer so that handling the bike would be way easier.

The mileage of the Royal Enfield bikes is also one of the features of the bike which makes the bike a preferable option over all the other bikes. The mileage of the Royal Enfield Classic is about 35 km per litre, and the mileage of Royal Enfield 500 is 33 km per litre. The bikes provide good pick up as well.

The bike can be a little heavier for the beginners who have not experienced bike riders and moreover it has along turning radius and thus it makes riding the bike for the beginners’ way difficult as compared to others. Royal Enfield modified many of its bikes and which was successfully accepted by the huge fan base and the customers the company has.

Cost of the bikes

The cost of the bikes is also fixed concerning the premium facilities the company provides with a bike. The price of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is around 1 lakh rupees. And when we talk of the Royal Enfield 500 then it comes with three different varieties, and they are The Royal Enfield Classic Battle Green which costs about 1.35 lakhs, the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm which cost about 1.4 lakhs, and further, there is Royal Enfield Classic Chrome which is about the 1.46 lakhs.

The bike is so popular that the accessories spare parts are always available in the local shops. The company is known for the elegance in its products, and the Royal Enfield modification and a different model the company is providing is something that can be appreciated.