Having your car break down at the most inconvenient time and location is an experience nobody wants to have, but is also something that seems inevitable. If you drive to and from work every day and live in the Canadian capital, having a towing company in Ottawa on your emergency call list is a smart move. There are plenty of companies in the area that offer the “best” in what they do, but if you are going to choose one to be your go-to, there are a few things that you have consider during the selection process.

  1. Location

If you have basically the same route everyday, then you can more or less determine the area that the towing company should cover. For example, an Ottawa towing services provider will be more convenient compared to an agency located in another city. This is because it will be easier for you to retrieve your vehicle after it is towed and the rescue-response time will be faster.

  1. Services Offered

Towing companies all have the same basic services, but the most important you should look for is 24/7 assistance. Some road accidents happen after work hours, so the company you should be operational even at the wee hours. Talk to them, as well, and find out if they also offer repairs and roadside assistance, as well as storage, among many others.

  1. Professionalism and Response Time

Is the company known for its speed of service? What is its guaranteed response time for road rescue situations. You don’t want to have your car break down in the dark and the find out your towing company cannot be there in less than 15 minutes or, worse, cannot be there, at all. Plus negative points if the customer service representative is rude.

  1. Payment Options

What forms of payment does the towing company accept? It will be extra stressful if the service accepts only cash or that you have to pay upfront before they move anything. Find a service that offers credit card or debit card payments for your convenience and peace of mind.

  1. Professional Accreditations

While being part of a professional organization of towing companies is not necessary, it is definitely a huge plus. This is because you know the agency is updated with the latest tools and trends in the business, and it follows a certain set of standards to provide the best service.

  1. Community Reviews

Referrals are gold. There are plenty of reviews on the Internet about various towing companies, or you can simply ask friends who have experienced the services. This will give you a better gauge over which phone number to finally save on your contact list.