Ford finally unveiled its compact SUV, EcoSport that will provide users with flexibility and enhanced capabilities, smoother styling and advanced technology. And everything you can enjoy from the end of this year.

The new Ford EcoSport for the first time offers Ford Intelligent All Wheel Drive technology to enhance off-road traction and capability, combined with the advanced 1.5 liter EcoBlue diesel engine, generating power up to 125 PS and capable of reducing CO2 emissions it generates

Also available for the first time as the fastest model of EcoSport ST-Line inspired by Ford Performance.

Not only that, the new Ford EcoSport has driver assist technology including SYNC 3 connectivity, Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter and Rear View Camera. These features are also found on a Ford Escape.

Featuring a dynamic, sturdy and refined exterior style, EcoSport is offered in 12 bold colors and offers more personalized options – including a choice of contrast-painted roof colors extending to the door pillars, upper door frame, rear-roof spoiler and mirrors .

The new interior is so focused on the driver, the quality of the material is upscale, offering a superior driving experience. Infotainment facilities have a nice 8-inch touch screen, heated steering wheel and unique storage solutions including adjustable deck floors.

Ford has sold 150,000 compact EcoSport SUVs since it first introduced this model to the European region in 2014, and sales last year grew 40 percent

Ford Releases a Special Edition

While many producers talk about the legacy in their new model of mounts, Ford actually bombarded by spawning a special edition Ford Mustang. The American sports sedan is now entering its 50th year since the first version was introduced in 1964.

The first Mustang debuted at the New York Motor Show in 1964, not wrong if Ford launched a “Special edition” on Mustang’s birthday. This marks a step forward that Ford has in technics and technology. The special edition Mustang will be built as many as 1,964 units, as a symbolic symbol, Ford will launch two colors for this edition of Wimbledon white and blue.

Quoted from Carscoop, though not much has changed, but the historical value still has its own meaning. The most subtle changes in the exterior can be traced from the fine chrome that surrounds three LED blades on the taillights. Inside the interior, aluminum panels in the instrument are given a special 50-year edition emblem on the side of the passenger.

This car is based on the GT model plus a set of power boosters. Power is obtained from a revised 5.0-liter V8 engine, the heart pacemaker claimed to supply 420dk sent through a 6-speed manual or automatic transmit.

Why Ford Is Better?

The most recent Consumer Reportssurvey of individuals who have purchased more than 1.4 million vehicles, is additional evidence of the bay amongst Ford and its kindred Big 3 car creators, GM and Chrysler. While Consumer Reports now records Ford as being keeping pace with Asian automakers, GM and Chrysler keep on struggling.

The specialists at Ford obviously experienced an attempting year, however nothing contrasted with the people at GM and Chrysler who essentially knew they were set out toward chapter 11 or more awful. This shouldn’t imply that the people at GM and Chrysler quit and quit minding, yet it doesn’t take an advanced science to make sense of value slips at organizations in pressure.

When you take a gander at the Ford stages and vehicle lines, they have a tendency to be more seasoned ones the organization has relentlessly enhanced lately. Take the Fusion. Not a considerable measure has changed with the model line as far as how the auto is fabricated, and so on.

So Ford has possessed the capacity to focus on refining the procedure, not beginning starting with no outside help. When you take a gander at GM and Chrysler, it’s an alternate story. Furthermore, there will be much more change as the organizations progress into their new lives.

still you hesitate to choose Ford as your dream vehicle?