When was the last time you planned to paint your car? Did you recently plan to purchase suitable paint for your beloved car? Are you looking for a new, different, and unique type of paint for your car? Let’s know a few things about automotive car paints and coatings. 

Who doesn’t want an attractive, shiny, new-looking car? But is it always possible to keep your car in the best condition by using those traditional paints? Of course not! What’s the alternative? It’s quite simple! Automotive paint! 

What Is Automotive Paint?

  • Unlike most of the generic car paints, automotive paint is meant to protect your car for a lifetime. Yes, you read it right!
  • Automotive paints are prepared cautiously and differently using a compound mixture of a few products. 
  • All these products are known to play their respective unique roles.

Why Is Automotive Paint Different?

Automotive car paint is different due to its unique components. These are:

  • Binder: It binds the paint pigment and thinner, and ensures the longevity of the paint. 
  • Pigment: Known for giving a unique essence to the paint. 
  • Thinner: Ensures maximum consistency of the paint, before as well as after the application. 

Which variety of automotive paint is suitable for your car?

This question might be a little confusing while selecting the most suitable automotive car paint. Let’s subside this confusion by understanding the difference between solvent-borne paint and water-borne paint.

What is solvent-borne paint?

  • These paints are prepared by using suitable solvents like enamel, lacquer, or urethane. 
  • Solvent-borne paints are not suitable for the environment because they contain a large amount of volatile organic compounds. 
  • And that’s why these paints are rapidly losing their popularity. 

What is water-borne paint?

  • Water-borne car paint is prepared without using any solvent. 
  • These paints use only water as a solvent. 
  • You can use waterborne enamels on bare surfaces, present coatings, and even on primers. 
  • These paints are gaining popularity because they don’t harm the environment. 

The automotive paint is for new generation cars as well as for new generation car lovers. The automotive paint doesn’t only enhance your car’s overall look, it keeps your car brand new and shiny for years. You don’t need to think about painting your car again and again. And if you go with the waterborne automotive paint, you are also making your car environment-friendly. So, visit a nearby painting service, and ask for an attractive, long-lasting automotive paint for your car. It’s time to make it new, again.