Traffic Accidents

The number of car accidents is rising every day, and human mistakes cause the majority. People driving under the influence of substances have a high chance of getting involved in car accidents. The consequences of getting caught driving under the influence are dire and can make you regret why you made such a decision. You can hire a car accident attorney to get you through your situation.

Let’s jump in.

  • License Suspension

There is a high chance that your driver license will be suspended if you are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most licensing authorities will revoke your license if a chemical test conducted shows that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above 0.9%.  If you get convicted of Driving under influence charges, then the court may also impose a driver license suspension. The good news is that some states allow for suspension overlap if you happen to have a double suspension: one from the court and another from the licensing authority. Your car accident attorney can help you with a reduction in suspension period. Some states give a suspension of 30 days while others can allow a suspension of as long as a year.

  • Jail Time

Most countries have a mandatory jail term for the first Driving Under Influence Charges. These jail terms are usually between one day and a week.  For the second and subsequent offences, mandatory minimums are usually more common.

  • Fines and Fees

Most Driving Under Influence convictions is generally settled by fees and fines. In most states, even a first offence DUI will cost a driver at least $650 in fines. Apart from fines, the offender is usually legible to pay certain fees. For example, many drivers have to pay for the license – reinstatement as well as court fees. These fees can exceed a thousand dollars. Hire a car accident lawyer to enlighten you on the costs you are likely to incur.

  • Ignition Interlock devices

It is a requirement to install ignition interlock devices in your car once you have been convicted for driving under the influence. The ignition Interlock device is a machine that detects alcohol like a breath analyser. It is usually attached to the car ignition system so that you will not be able to start your car unless you have a clean breath.

After starting the car, the Ignition Interlock device will demand random samples of breaths during your journey. If the IID detects alcohol in the samples, then it will notify the court or a probation department.

In most situations, the convicted usually incurs the cost of installing and maintaining the Ignition Interlock device.

  • Enhanced Penalties

You are liable for enhanced penalties if someone was injured or property was destroyed during the accident. You may be ordered to pay for the damages accrued because of driving under the influence of alcohol. High blood alcohol concentration and underage driving can also enhance the penalties you will pay.

Final thoughts

The driving under influence laws varies from state to state. You should, therefore, consult a car accident attorney to advise on the measures to take when you are convicted of DUI charges.