Car Subscriptions

A car subscription is a great way for a host of individuals to get on the road without the typical running costs or commitments of vehicle ownership and acts as a new and innovative way to drive by your own rules. With short-term leasing options starting at as little as a month and the ability to simply keep subscriptions going for any amount of time with a few minor adjustments to your contract, there are certainly advantages to be had when selecting this type of service. The great news is that everything will come under a transparent set fee every month, but this can change when it comes to mileage.

Why is mileage an additional consideration?

There typically are no hidden fees when it comes to car subscriptions, but mileage can pose additional charges if you use your car on a regular basis or for frequent long journeys. This is because many service providers allocate a mileage limit to ensure the quality, value and longevity of the vehicles they provide, which is often set at around 1000 miles – and any further miles travelled will incur charges to protect their assets. While these charges can start from as little as 20p, they can quickly add up; especially if you aren’t aware that they will cost extra. To help you to understand how many miles you are likely to travel and the potential costs, divide the number of miles the vehicle runs for by the amount of fuel used – and this will give you a solid idea of the mileage amount.

What can I do to minimise charges if I go over the mileage limit?

Not all drivers will need to be concerned about the mileage limit set, as not everyone uses their vehicles to extremes and the allocated amount will be more than enough to cater to their habits. There may be instances where longer journeys are required however, and you won’t want to get stung. As car subscription providers want to ensure they offer the best services available to their customers, mileage limit upgrades can be added onto contracts for a set fee to help stop the potential costs from racking up. Those who use car subscriptions regularly will likely want to add additional miles onto their contract to safeguard themselves and ensure they stick to their budgets – and this can be an even better idea when the excess can be moved onto the following month to ensure you never miss out (it can be worthwhile to check the terms of your upgrade to determine any rules that apply before going ahead).

Why is mileage so important?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that, as mentioned above, a car’s mileage will be a key factor in its age and value and that the more (and further) you drive it, the less economical mileage becomes. Choosing to lease a newer vehicle with a larger mileage capacity (the greater the mileage, the more you can travel on less fuel) will be the most cost-effective idea, but this is also true for the companies offering it to you, so they will need to create a balance for economy to ensure that everyone benefits.