Jeffrey Breault has an incredible passion and love for automotive races and competition. There are several sporting activities popular among Americans, such as baseball, basketball and car racing. Among all of them, Jeffrey Breault is known to be highly passionate about the system of car races. He essentially tries to follow various races followed in diverse parts of the globe, the NASCAR and Global Rallycross (GRC) races being the most popular ones.

Jeffrey Breault mentions various popular automotive cares

In simple terms, auto racing basically can be defined as motor-sports that involves the racing of cars for the purpose of any competition. This sport essentially is said to be started somewhere around the year of 1867, and over the years has become incredibly popular. Being a great car enthusiast, Jeffrey Breault is well versed with the various types of automotive races held around the world every year, and the distinct types of audiences that they have. Jeff Breault even writes about these races in his social media and blog posts. Here are few of the most prominent types of car racing activities that are held around the world:

  • Stock car: The races coming under the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is considered to be one of the most popular forms of this sport. This type of automotive racing is especially popular in the United States, and has been largely favored among people in the year 1948. The oval layout featured in the NASCAR car races while not be as thrilling as various other forms of road races at the first glance, but watching the race of a cluster of going at a speed of 200 mph for up to 500 miles can be an incredibly spectacular endeavor.
  • Open-wheel: Some of the most high profile motor series of the planet comes under this type of an activity. Indycar and Formula One (F1) are essentially the most popular versions of this automotive race. Jeffrey Breault mentions that this type of a car race basically involves vehicles having exposed wheels, as suggested by its name. Even though at the very first glance cars competing in IndyCar and FI can look kind of similar, dedicated fans like Jeff Breault are well aware of the fact that they are governed by distinct set of rules and regulations, and compete on varying tracks
  • Sports car: In the professional motor-sport domain, sports car racing comes right after open-wheel races in terms of popularity. The timings of these races involve 2.5 hours to even 24 hour. The Le Mans, Nurburgring, and Daytona test races that are held for 24 hours are essentially some of the most popular long standing competitions of this variety. These car races are essentially conducted for the purpose of assessing the ingenuity of the engineers, skill of the drivers, speed of the pit crews, as well as durability of the cars.

The sport of car racing has several admirers like Jeffrey Breault who look forward to the diverse types of above mentioned competitors.