Texting and Driving

Have you ever been frustrated by erratic drivers on your driving route? Are these unpredictable drivers using their cellphones? Distracted drivers pose a great threat for everyone on the road. Thankfully, the company Lyxt has established a system that highlights the most popular roads for distracted driving.

Lyxt is a trucking analytics and video systems provider. Recently, they released a list that establishes the most popular roads or highways for handset driving within the US. The list also contains information on the most dangerous roads in the five most populous states.

So, how did Lyxt gather this information? The company gathered the totality of its 2018 fleet data from its U.S. clients and produced this list. Lyxt’s client base includes both public and private fleets. This company has fleets in transport, waste reduction, transit, government, construction, and various other industries. The company has more than 500,000 vehicles and one million drivers! This allows the company to gather large amounts of data throughout the trucking industry. Thus, the company captured more than 1.35 million examples of distracted driving and cell phone use within the last year.

Unfortunately, in 2016 alone 3,450 people were killed by distracted drivers. These cases not only include drivers, but passengers as well. For truck drivers, distracted driving effects the quality of their work. For a trucking company to continually be affected by distracted driving, creates a difficult work environment.

These days, distracted drivers and especially those using a handheld device are 50% more likely to get into a collision in the next 90 days. The goal of this list was to let their clients know which areas were more dangerous for navigation. Also, they wanted to ensure that their customers measured extreme caution in these areas.

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So what are these cities and states?

Finally, the most dangerous roads include Compress Dr. and S Lauderdale St. in Memphis, TN and Ferry St. in Los Angeles. Many states like New York, Illinois, and California have the most hazardous roads. The full list is on Lyxt’s website. As analysts predicted, most high-risk areas were within on and off ramps with a high volume of merging.

So, what do you think of Lyxt’s statement on distracted driving? Do you think this information is useful for truckers around the US?