Repairing brakes on a heavy trailer.

Open roads are always a significant big hazard for different types of vehicles, either cars or trucks. Heavy-haul trucks are the most affected because they travel long distances in various kinds of road conditions and weather. This situation worsens even further when the fleet operator has neglected maintenance and truck repair or when the trucks are used to carry excessively heavy loads.

Truck breakdowns are a common occurrence, and when that happens, you need immediate assistance. The longer you keep the truck down with the problem, the more money you lose. This is why you must keep handy the contact number of a truck repair centre that provides roadside assistance services.

Types of Common Truck Breakdowns

As a fleet operator, you need to have a comprehensive picture of all the trucks in your service. That will help you ensure that you can meet your company’s targets. However, that also means you need to be aware of all the things that can go wrong with your heavy haul trucks. Here we take a look at the most common breakdowns that need truck repair:

  1. Overheating of the engine

Both operators & drivers can suffer a considerable amount of consequences if truck engines overheat. The problem could be caused due to some fuel tank issue or even a blown gasket. Over time, these issues can cause engine failure if they aren’t addressed on time. Working with certified and skilled maintenance professionals is crucial to assess and address any signs of overheating in your truck. Over the long term, this can help prevent failure while you are on the road.

  1. Starter Failure

Especially in colder climates, starter failure is something that happens very often. To determine future performance, at the start of the winter season, you should inspect the starter mechanism. The operator will notice clear signs of issues with a starter. In most cases, the problem lies with the ignition. It’s crucial to inform all operators that when they are starting up the engine, all non-essential components like the radios, etc., should first be turned off.

  1. U-Joint Failure

U-joints are required for the transfer of power from the transmission to the differentiator to occur. These joints need to be properly lubricated at all times to minimize wear and tear. In case the U-joint is worn and is about to fail, the system may make a clicking sound that the driver will notice immediately. Vibration at higher vehicle speeds is the other likely sign of U-joint failure. Both these signs indicate potential and critical component failure. You must get the U-joint replaced at the earliest.

  1. Brake Fluid Leakages And Brake Failures

When there is heavy use of the brakes on the trucks, they experience significant wear. Brake failures may also occur in case the trucks have not been adequately maintained. However, in case there is a brake failure in one particular brake, the rest of them will continue to work, allowing the driver to halt the vehicle safely. Break maintenance is a crucial aspect of overall truck maintenance, and it’s something you cannot afford to overlook.

Wheel bearing issues, tire wear, and rusting of metal parts on the truck are some other common reasons that can cause sudden breakdowns. The best way to avoid these problems is to get the trucks in your fleet inspected and serviced at regular intervals. This will improve its safety levels on the road. It’s also crucial that you get these inspections are done at a certified and experienced truck repair centre as they would also be able to provide roadside assistance services as and when you need them.