A Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV is the appropriate term for describing a true electric vehicle. By owning an electric vehicle, you will avail performance, range, and luxury on electricity. Before owning an electric vehicle, you may be in turmoil about whether to shift from fuel driven car to a pure electric driven one, if it is right for you and your needs, etc. 

Here is a beginners’ guide to own an electric vehicle which will put an end to your dilemma:

  1. Your daily commute

If you don’t want  to drive your car thousands of miles  and for multiple hours at a stretch or have an installing station right near about you, then an electric vehicle is good for you. EVs have limited range and you must make sure that the charging station is available at your reach.

  1. Going green

The world is focusing on going green, minimize the emission of environmental pollution. Electric cars are gaining popularity for this reason. If you wish to lower the carbon footprint, get a hold of an EV and contribute to saving the environment. 

  1. Doing research

You should conduct your research and give a thought on your personal circumstances. Study about factors such as model, make, range, battery, cost of electric charging, maintenance, servicing, charging stations, car parts, etc. Also, talk to an expert dealing with electric vehicles. Consider the suggestions. 

  1. Know the best suppliers

The eminent suppliers can provide you the quality equipment like chargers, leads, portable chargers, charging points, sockets, etc. The equipment can be effectively used in both domestic and public surroundings. Also, you will get help related to the electric car charging cable, car accessories and chargers along with at least 12 months warranty in the eventuality of the defective products. You will receive a replacement from the authorized dealer. 

  1. Charging the car

You have to select a charger that suits your requirements. The factors that dominate the charger buying criteria are the car, how much driving you will do daily, budget, etc. From an authentic dealer, you can get high performance charging stations. The charging times depend on the on-board charger for the car and the kind of charging station. You can call the certified installers who can set up a charging station at your home or office. 

  1. Cost-saving

 EVs have lower running costs. The electricity required to charge an electric car is much less in comparison to buying petrol for the same car. Also, electric vehicles do not cost much to maintain. These cars have fewer moving parts than a diesel or petrol car. There is no need for costly starter motors, exhaust systems, fuel injection, radiators, etc. 

  1. Easy maintenance

 Electrical vehicles are simple to maintain as they have one moving part which is rotor. Simple servicing of the brakes, suspension, tyres, etc. is enough. The batteries are good. Replacement batteries after several years are required. 

  1. Resale value

Mind that EVs are not easy to sell as the tax credits are at the hands of the first possessors. The owners may wish to upgrade with the evolving technology.  Keeping these points in mind will help you decide to keep an electric vehicle.