Car cleaning is an extremely tiring yet an important job to be done on a regular or weekly basis. Think of the time when you have just returned from a long, exhausting journey with your car full of mess and clutter, we are sure you will find someone who would clean the car for you, and therefore, a professional car cleaning company will help you with it.

Well, if you are facing any of these problems, it is time for you to hire a commercial car cleaning service like Vardens Ltd. Listed below are some of the tips and tricks to find a reliable car cleaning service around you :

  • Research, Research and Research

Firstly, start with research keeping in mind the kind of service you are looking for. Researching is the key to a good decision making, and therefore, it should start as a homework. Let your research include everything from Client reviews to past project analysis.

What all things to include in your research work :

  • Reviews from people in society
  • Client reviews
  • Online reviews
  • Feedbacks and testimonials

  • Shortlist some potential cleaners

Once you have researched on the kind of cleaning services you require and also framed an alignment with the services provided by the potential cleaners, it is time for you to shortlist some of the best cleaners fitting in your requirements.

Criteria for shortlisting :

  1. Alignment of values
  2. Meeting the deadlines
  3. Quality of Service
  4. Online client reviews

  • Look up for Online Reviews

Online reviews and client feedback section is one of the most important and vital aspects to be considered when choosing the right cleaning company. Look up for all possible sources for genuine reviews. You can also ask people in the locality, friends and relatives who have recently taken up a car cleaning service.

  • Talk to previous clients.

If possible try connecting to the previous clients and ask them about their experience with the company. Ask as many questions as possible for a fair outlook of the company and its services.

Take genuine feedback related to their staff and their behaviour during the entire process.

  • Have a look at their previous projects

An on-time inspection is extremely necessary before taking up the final decision. Have a look at the previous projects carried out by the company. If possible, you can also visit their workstation and do a walkthrough of all the projects they have executed till time.


  • Go through testimonials

It is always advised to go through all the on-site testimonials, before choosing a commercial cleaning company. Whether you require fleet maintenance, cleaning or repair services, trust a professional like Vardens Ltd with their top-notch quality of service and humble staff.

  • Choose the one that fits in your requirements.

Once you have shortlisted some of the potential cleaners around you, choose the one that fits in your requirements. Do not get lured away with their website designing and content management, ensure you have thoroughly inspected all the key aspects of a good commercial cleaning company.

  • Get the work done

Once you have chosen a reliable commercial cleaning company, it is time for you show your valuable trust in their services and wait for the end result. It is always advised to hire a cleaning service that uses all the modern cleaning techniques and equipment for efficient deep cleaning of the vehicles.

These are some of the most important things to be considered when looking for the best car cleaning service. A commercial car cleaning service will ensure an on-time, hassle free and a top-notch cleaning of your fleet. Whether you are a large corporate house or a small business, you will require a reliable car cleaning service to do the work for you.