The epitome of luxury and power, Mercedes-Benz commands a class of its own. The vintage beauty is always the pride of its owner and is usually passed down as a treasured legacy to the sons and grandsons. Thus, when it comes to replacing parts for this classic vehicle- one has to be extremely cautious. The post below sheds light on the top tips to remember while shopping for Mercedes-Benz parts.

Do your research

The virtual space is bustling with a plethora of car parts store today but not all of them can assure you quality Benz parts. The rule of the thumb is to make a shortlist of top-notch car parts stores, followed by a comparative survey. Check their reputation, customer testimonials and years of industry experience. Go for the one with the best market reputation. Bid on the store that specializes in Benz car parts such as .

Be careful of numbers & codes

You must check the part number of a chosen Benz part before getting it for your treasured steam. If the part number doesn’t match with that of your car, the part won’t be suitable for the vehicle. To verify the part number, you can check the factory-parts manual. In case, you want to replace a part, look for the identifying marks on it and then check the new part for similar marks. But what if you don’t have the part that you wish to buy? Well, don’t fret. Just enter name of that part on search engine , along with model and year of your Benz. You will get detailed information on it including its casting number. Now, you can match up the number with the one you choose from an online store. If the numbers match, go for the part. If not, keep on searching.

Check the photos

A reliable car parts store will always be transparent with its products on sale. The best ones usually upload their products with multiple photos to help customers with an informed decision. So, make sure your chosen store has uploaded pictures of Benz parts from various angles. In case, you need more clarity, you may contact the store for more pictures. If the store agrees, you are in good hands. But if it declines, don’t hesitate to look for another store. A trusted store will always be flexible to accommodate any reasonable request from a potential customer.

Be careful of painted parts

Some unethical stores paint up car parts to skirt their flaws. These could be major flaws such as dirt, chips, rust, cracks or other signs of serious damage. So, try to avoid painted parts for the safety of your car.

However, all painted parts are not risky. Some stores repaint parts after restoration so that they are ready for installation. Thus, if you see a painted part, ask the store about its restoration activities. If it admits, request a detailed explanation behind restoration. A reliable store will always take time out to explain your queries.

You can’t afford to be less careful with Mercedes-Benz.