The year 2017 brought many new technological advances in the car shades of Volkswagen. It was not limited only to introduction of auto models and their latest trim levels. The story of the advancement brought in some new ideas about car safety implemented in some models that redefines the concept of safety with their user-friendly performance on the road.

The automobile experts from Ontario VW Dealership explained everything about these safety features launched by Volkswagen this year. The list started with Driver Assistance, and went on including the Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Traffic Alert and more. All these had the same focus of ensuring on-road safety of the boarders and peace of mind for the one who is steering the wheels.

Driving Assistance

To make the drivers comfortable and safe, Volkswagen brought an array of driving assistance features. Perfectly designed for making each drive feel safer and easier, it has got a Collision Warning system, through which the Volkswagen can sense the danger ahead. It would create an alert for the driver about when the vehicle running front could hit the brake all of a sudden, or when the speed of the vehicle needs to be slowed down to avoid a collision. If you could not be fast enough with your brakes, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system in your Volkswagen would be there to help you do so.

Rear Traffic Alert

The Rear Traffic Alert feature is built to provide the driver a wider view to everything that are there behind the vehicle. It comes handy when the vehicle is reversing out from a small parking lot, or from a narrow driveway. Now there is no more events of banging on the rear pillars, scratching against the narrow rough walls, toppling down the garbage cans, or brushing against the rear mirrors of other cars. The feature is strengthened with an Area View feature, to get a full 360-degree view of the surrounding area where your Volkswagen is parked to ensure nothing remains unseen.

Parking Steering Assistant

The new Volkswagen models this year came with hordes of great safety features to guide the driver while the vehicle is in some parking slot. It would help further while reversing the vehicle, to save the driver from turning back and forth to see everything is safe. The Parking Steering Assistant would possess an inherent ability to speak out if the available parking space is enough for a comfortable fit for the.

Then comes the help with the brake, the gas, and the shifter. The Audible signals of this feature are to alert the driver on each of these component usages. So, if you are driving a Volkswagen, there is not much left for you to worry about. You can enjoy the free assistance of the safety features and enjoy the ride with a free mind.

The Last Lap

Stopping by the Ontario VW Dealer would show you a lengthy list of such features you would love to experience and might leave you with a yearning to own one of those alluring Volkswagen cars.