Aside from the regular service intervals, most motorists will continue to drive their car until something goes wrong, then have the car repaired. However, with modern cars being so complex, it can often be a real challenge to diagnose an issue, and that’s where auto diagnostics come into play.

Modern Diagnostics

Any BMW or Mercedes Benz car that is less than 5 years old would likely have a special input plug that is located under the steering wheel section, and when a technician plugs this his laptop, the computer screen will bring up a long list of components and processes, and if there are any issues they will show up on the screen. This makes repairs so much easier, and whether you are looking for computerised car diagnostics in Newcastle or Leeds, search with an online business directory will help you to source a reliable service centre that specifically works on your make of car.

Aspects That Diagnostics Cover

Computer software auto diagnostics would cover all of the following areas:

  • Electrical Problems – Either ignition or relay problems, plus whether or not the battery is being recharged effectively. Short circuiting or failure of electrical components.
  • Mechanical Issues – Water & Oil Pump, Alternator and Hydraulic systems.
  • Carburation – The mixture of fuel and oxygen that is being fed into the cylinders.

When your car develops a problem, rather than spending a lot of money trying to source the problem, the technician can simply plug his laptop into your vehicle’s computer system and any issues will be displayed. This saves the technician time, and therefore, your bill will be less, and once the technician is aware of the problem, he can replace or repair defective components.