Renault Trucks ups the features of Optitrack system, which are designed to maintain high performance in any terrain and as well improve the pulling powers of vehicles. The constructor offers an Optitrack+ version, incorporates new hydraulic motors for consumers working in extreme conditions.

Renault Trucks and Poclain Hydraulics developed Optitrack in 2009. Optitrack is available on C2.5 range of vehicles, giving extra although temporary pulling power. This system provides the chance of benefitting from temporary all-wheel drive demand and overcoming the constraints of a conventional all-wheel-drive vehicle most especially when it comes to fuel assumption, additional weight, loading height and maintenance costs. Optitrack system is now being consolidated with new features by Renault Trucks.

Excellent pulling power

They stepped up the system’s hydraulic pressure from 420 to 450 bars, a 7% increase in the wheel torque. The new features enable drivers to cope with the difficulties of handling vehicles on a steep terrain, vehicles with high payloads and it also boosts the pulling power.

A boost function has also been added by Renault to ensure maximum start-up power in extremely demanding situations and total vehicle control. When the driver activates it, the pressure of the front tyre will increase to 450 bars so that maximum start-up torque can be achieved.

Improved manoeuvrability and increased operating comfort

When the speed of the vehicle gets to 50km/h, the Optitrack system will disconnect compared to 40km/h on previous versions, and on top of that, it will automatically re-engage when it reaches 20km/h without the invention of the driver.

There is a self-calibration device that adjusts the Optitrack system settings, making sure life-long vehicle performance, extra reverse gear has been added for optimal manouverability on all terrain.

Agility in all terrain with Optitrack+

Trucks that operate in extreme conditions can now be part of the new features of improved Optitrack+ version. This system features new hydraulic motor that will increase the front wheel torgue by 30%.