Believe it or not, used cars continue to be far more popular than newly manufactured vehicles. In fact, the United Kingdom produced somewhere between two to three million new cars, vans, and SUVs over the past year while roughly 8.6 million second-hand automobiles were sold privately during the same exact time span.

Captivating Facts Regarding Automobiles

Before we explain exactly how to find first-rate local used cars in Plymouth, let’s take some time to delineate some intriguing bits of information about vehicles in general:

  • The anti-lock brake system, which is colloquially abbreviated as ABS, was a mainstay in the aerospace sector long before it became a standard inclusion in cars.
  • The disc brakes in your vehicle function in extraordinary temperatures and they can actually get hot enough to light a cigarette without sustaining any damage.
  • If you’d like to increase the range of your remote car key, simply place the device near your head when clicking the button and your skull will amplify the signal by several car lengths.
  • 2011 marked the final year that cassette players were included in vehicle manufacturing.

Additionally, you might be surprised to find out that windshield wipers were initially thought of as a distraction or disturbance and it wasn’t until 1903 that they became accepted as integral safety features.

Buying a Used Car in Today’s Landscape

If you visit the website of a trusted car centre in your vicinity or simply drop in for an unscheduled walkthrough, you’ll be able to work hand in hand with a team of sociable automotive experts to pinpoint your budgetary boundaries, isolate cost-effective financing options, and then ascertain the most suitable hatchback, saloon, diesel car, or 4×4 SUV.

After purchasing your like-new vehicle, you’ll also be able to enjoy a robust, long-term warranty and free MOT testing forever so be sure to contact an in-house specialist at your earliest convenience.