Car Break-ins

Car break-ins are becoming common despite advanced car security because thieves are coming up with new tactics. A car break-in is the most infuriating thing that can happen to a car owner, and it has been on the rise over the past few years. Most of these thugs do not steal the car, but just the valuable items in it. These break-ins come with unnecessary costs that you can avoid by following the tips.

Even though it is hard to keep your automobile safe from a break-in completely, you can put several actions to ensure your vehicle is a lesser target. First, car thieves look for easy opportunities, so it is better to make them have a hard time. Doing this will cause them to abort the mission and shift their attention to another target.

These car-breakers are not experienced masterminds who have a well-executed plan to steal your staff. Most are opportunists, meaning they see an item they like, break into your car and go away with it. This makes it essential to make sure you do not leave any valuable item in plain sight.

Such items include shopping bags, a laptop, and a wallet, among others. This article will discuss tips that will keep you free from car break-ins. And if you ever do find yourself locked out of your car, you can always call a locksmith.

  1. Close the Car Doors

Please make sure it gets hard for the thief to steal valuable items in your vehicle by ensuring you lock your doors whenever you are not around. In the same way, you would not leave your fridge open because your dog might feast on the snacks.

It is advisable to make a habit of always double-checking your windows to ensure you are not caught up in a mess. Also, ensure you do not leave any valuable item in plain sight as this might make the thieves break your windows even if you have closed them.

  1. Do Not Leave the Car Engine Running

You might feel tempted to leave your car’s engine running, suppose you want to grab something from the store. It is among the easiest ways to lose your car and valuables. It is also illegal to leave your vehicle running in over 31 states in the US. These laws are based on the state and circumstances faced by these drivers. However, they all aim towards the same goal, to help prevent random cars from being broken into.

  1. Park the Car in Well-Lit Areas

It would be great to find a spot under the light when parking your car, especially after the sunsets. However, it would help if you also looked for a well-lit area. It becomes challenging for thieves to break into a car with a spotlight above them and people just across the street.

  1. Keep All Valuables Away from Public Sight.

Keeping your valuable items away from the public eye is the first step in ensuring your items are safe and free from a break-in. If a thug is given a choice to pick an empty car or with a purse, laptop, and other valuable goods, they will choose the loaded vehicle.

It is advisable to put your valuable items in the trunk of your car before reaching your destination to avoid any theft. More experienced thieves have come up with a new habit of camping at car parks as they look for a driver who is moving any valuable item to their boot and later break into it when a chance presents itself.

  1. Install an Anti-Theft Plan

Anything that makes stealing from a vehicle hard will keep it safer than you can imagine. It does not matter whether it is the steering lock, an improved alarm, or a cut-out system. All these features make sure your car is safe because it slows down the theft process, making them retreat or be caught in the act.

Modern security features have a two-factor communication system that alerts you through your smartphone if theft occurs. It would also help to put an alarm sticker on the car window as this helps to push thieves off even if the car does not have one.

  1. Tint the Windows

Strangers will find it hard to see what is in your vehicle after you tint it. In addition, thieves are less likely to steal items from a car without identifying any valuable item. However, it would be great to first confirm the tint rules in your place before putting it, as some states do not allow excess tinting.

These states mostly restrict windshield tinting, and the recommended tint to side windows is the one that allows 40% of natural light to pass through.

  1. Make Sure the Stereo is Not Conspicuous

Stereo systems are among the most in-demand things in the car world, so it is advisable to eject your stereo and return it into its glovebox, especially if it is expensive before going to your house. In addition, a sound system that lacks a faceplate is less likely to be stolen. It is also advisable not to put stickers on the speakers you use to keep them free from theft.

Car theft has increased over the past few years because thieves have developed new tactics for breaking into cars. Tips such as tinting your car, locking the doors and windows will keep the car safe always.