Driving on snow can be extremely tricky and requires proficient skills. But apart from skills, you do require a perfect set of wheels which can provide the much-required grip to the vehicle on a slippery snowy surface. In countries which receive moderate to a high level of snowfall, driving on snow with normal tyres cannot only degrade the performance of the vehicle but can also pose serious safety concerns. So, if you are wondering about the presence of some specific tyres to drive over roads packed with snow, this article holds beneficial information for you.

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are high-performance tyres which are specially designed to provide a firm grip while driving on snow, ice or wet surfaces in cold weather. These tyres must be equipped in the vehicle when the temperature constantly remains below 7 degree Celsius. Using summer tyres on snow increases the stopping distance and the vehicle needs a longer duration to come to standstill. Let’s now look into the details of how these are constructed and what advantages do they offer.

Construction of a Winter Tyre

Rubber Compound: Winter tyres are made with soft and flexible rubber. Soft rubber is capable of holding and sticking to the ground firmly which enhances the grip. Unlike the usual tyres, the rubber compound in these tyres contains more ratio of natural rubber instead of synthetic rubber.

Tread Patters: Wide and deep tread patterns ensure proper dispersing of water to avoid the risk of aquaplaning. The tread depth of winter tyres makes them unique make compared to normal ones. 8 to 9mm of tread depth is considered appropriate and is the minimum requirement for these tyres. The presence of tiny grooves along with deeper tread holds the snow which provides more traction and helps smooth forward movement.

Advantages of a Winter Tyre

  • It reduces the braking distance on snow as compared to normal tyres.
  • Exceptional gripping on snow as natural rubber maintains its smoothness and doesn’t harden at extremely low temperature.
  • These tyres are neither studded nor spiked which guarantees no damage to the tarmac on the road.
  • They are fuel efficient.
  • Provide better responsiveness and reliable steering control due to soft rubber tyres.

CEAT Formula Winter Tyre

CEAT Formula Winter is designed to be fitted on passenger cars. It is a touring tyre, specially designed for winters. Let’s look at the advantages of this tyre:

  • Dry Grip – This tyre gives optimum grip on dry tracks.
  • Wet Grip – It gives excellent grip on wet and slippery roads. It provides great traction on a snowy and icy surface.
  • Handling – The tyre gives good handling on the road.
  • Wear and Tear – It reduces the risk of early wear and lasts longer than many other similar tyres.
  • Comfort – The tyre gives optimum comfort even while driving on snow. It throws away the excess snow from the tyre, giving a smooth ride.
  • Safety – Driving on snow or ice can be really tricky and can get dangerous if proper tyres are not used. CEAT Formula Winter tyres give a safe and comfortable ride on winters.

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