Many of us are not mechanically minded and so we don’t even try to address issues with our cars. YouTube seems to be the go-to place where we can learn about fixing the car and try to save ourselves some money. However, the people on YouTube probably have a mechanical background and they have done this kind of work many times and they make it look very easy. They also have all the right tools for the job and by the time you buy what you need. It would have been cheaper to take it to the garage.

There are a number of experienced mechanics in Woking that can take care of your vehicle and they have many years’ experience getting cars in the UK ready for their yearly MOT test. They frequently check for the following.

  1. All the lights on the dash of your car need to come on when you turn the key, and need to go out when you start the car. If they don’t, your mechanic can figure out why.
  2. The emissions test is now a very important part of the test, so your mechanic will change the oil in the engine and tune the car so that it doesn’t fail the test for excess emissions.
  3. Tyres, brakes and lights are all checked to make sure that they are all in perfect working order and the body work on your car is given the once over as well. Holes in the body of your car will mean a fail.

Let your local experienced mechanic get your car ready for its regular MOT test. He knows what to do.