Nobody in Australia wants to be involved in a car accident, but no matter how hard we try to avoid one, it inevitably finds us. Our roads are becoming increasingly congested and there is less and less room on the highways. The hope is that if we do have an accident, it will be a relatively small one that can be fixed easily. Historically, if you had a small dent in your car, you still had to get the panel beat out, sanded and repainted which was a huge inconvenience. Thankfully, there is a solution in the form of paintless dent removal, for those small dings that we experience a lot.

There is nothing worse than coming out of the supermarket and someone has hit your car with a shopping trolley, or you are driving past  a golf course and a ball hits one of the panels of your car. These minor dents can be removed by this technique of paintless dent removal and so dent repair in Perth, is not the big job it used to be. Paintless dent repair is now really affordable and efficient, and we will talk about some of the many advantages to it here.

  1. Fast Turnaround – When you have to go into a body shop for panel and paint repair, you can expect your vehicle to be there for at the very least a day and probably more. All of us are busy and it is really inconvenient to do without our cars for any amount of time. Paintless dent repair, however, is a really fast process and depending on the size and number of dents, you could get your car back in an hour or two. Some dent repair centres also give you a loan car for the duration, so you are not inconvenienced.
  1. Cheaper Than You Think – Paintless dent removal is very affordable because there is no painting involved. They use very unique tools to perform this procedure and they carefully push the dents out, with no additional repairs needed. It is truly revolutionary.
  1. Insurance Help – Most insurance companies are aware of this procedure and it looks at it favourably, as it is much cheaper to fix than using traditional methods. They are prepared to pay for it in full and hopefully you won’t lose your no claims bonus.
  1. Eco-Friendly – No paints are used for this procedure, so there are no toxins going into the air like you would find with paints and solvents. It is, therefore, a procedure that is kind to Mother Nature.
  1. Better Resale Value – Having to get your car repainted due to dent repair or having to buy a new panel affects the value of the car. Prospective buyers can see the slight changes in tone of the colour no matter how well the work is done. By doing a paintless dent removal procedure, you are keeping all the original paint intact.

Getting yourself an appointment for paintless dent removal is quick and the work is also done quickly. It has never been more affordable to fix the small dents in your car.