No matter how many miles you clock up per year on your vehicle, you’ll come to a point where you’ll need to change your tyres. To ensure your car is safe to drive on the road and you avoid any issues with the police, you must check your tyres at regular intervals. There is no set time for when you should change your tyres, it depends on a number of factors. Specialist companies who supply tyres in TN35 will tell you that several things can affect the wear and tear of your tyres, some of these include:

  • How often it is being driven.
  • Your driving style – aggressive braking, rapid accelerating etc.
  • The type of weather you encounter.
  • The type of surface you drive on.
  • Other problems with your vehicle.

Knowing the hallmarks of tyre deterioration is important, if you don’t notice the signs, you put yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk. When assessing the condition of your tyres, remember all of these points.

Table of Contents

Tread Depth

It is vitally important to have a tread depth of at least 3mm on your tyres, you can get heavily fined for letting your tyres go beyond the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Severe Damage

Checking your tyres once a month is essential for road safety, if your tyres have any blisters, bulges or cracks, you should have them checked by a professional.

When you inevitably need to get new tyres, look for a supplier who has a good reputation in your area.