Do you own a Yacht, and you want to ship it to another country? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is a special boat that will do that for you. However, you still need to pick a trusted provider to ship your boat, and if you do not have one, you should check out

Springtime is approaching, which also means that it is time for the annual migration from the Caribbean of yachts to the Mediterranean. If you can’t be bothered with the hassle and time of the ocean crossing, there is also an alternative, which is shipping a yacht by a boat.

Find the Yacht of your dreams and purchase it online

Yacht shipping

Today, there is a large number of shipping companies that offer special “yacht shipping” services. This way, your yacht will be loaded and carried on a ship, a giant cargo ship, to a faraway location. Of course, many yachts will be there with yours.

However, shipping yacht-shuttles means that they are also carrying boats to some parts of Asian and Latin America. This type of services will allow the owners of those boats to fly in and use their boats, after which they will have them transported to their next location. Executives in the boat shipping industry say that there will be about 4.000 yachts shipped this year.

Time is what we worry about

Usually, the biggest concern that boat owners have is the time it will take for their boat to arrive in their country, but you also need to know that this all depends on where you are shipping, because there are some countries that do not always allow boats to be passed through, especially if they are big. For yachts it is a bit different, so visit for more details.

But, if you transport your yacht with this new boat shipping method, you will not only save time, as an owner, you will avoid the tear and wear that comes with the voyage across the ocean. After a long trip in the ocean, Boats often require to be repaired and repainted, and with yacht shipping, an owner is sometimes allowed to accompany their boats on such voyage.

Yacht Express

Recently, a new yacht shipping method has been introduced, with the yacht-carrying mega-ship called the Yacht Express by Dockwise. This ship is able to carry over a dozen boats, and this all depends on their size. Dockwise is able to ship over 20-feet long yachts if needed. However, most of the boats that are carried are smaller sports boats, sailboats and leisure cruisers.

Your Yacht can be shipped overseas

It won’t be cheap

Keep in mind that before you schedule for your yacht to be shipped, this will not be so cheap. You can get an estimated rough price at home, by measuring your boat correctly. Usually, for a 10-feet long boat, for 3k miles, it will cost you about $7500 to be shipped.

Keep in mind that shipping price will always vary, and this does not only depend on the mileage that it crosses, but also if it comes from the East or West. Make sure to call your provider if you want a more accurate price.

Final word

There is nothing better than purchasing your Yacht online and get it delivered to your “doorstep”, but that part can be a bit tricky sometimes. This is why it is important that you get a reputable and respectable boat shipping agency to do this job for you, and if you are shipping a yacht, research the Yacht Express.