Not only does your car get you places, but it can also be a restaurant, café, dump truck and removal van. With those come a host of dirt, debris and rubbish that makes the inside and outside look tired and not a nice place to be. This handy guide runs through what you need to do to get your car looking in its best condition. Get detailed information about the best way to modify your car on an affordable budget, on this website:

Cleaning the interior

Car Mats

Start by removing all the rubbish and items from the inside of your car.Then take out the floor mats andshake and vacuum them and put them on ground that’s not dirty. You can take it one step further by using upholstery cleaner for carpet mats and interiors.

Use a hose on rubber/silicone mats if the dirt is stubborn. Then mix warm water and washing up liquid in a bucket and use a brush to scrub the mat. Rinse and let them dry before putting mats back in the vehicle, as we don’t want mould and damp smells forming. To discover more about the interior of vehicles that everyone forgets to clean, visit this website:  

Interior Windows and Mirrors

Make sure a microfibre cloth is used here along with bespoke window cleaners, as they do not damage plastics. This can be applied to the interior windows to make them shine again.

Centre Console, Steering Wheel

Any trim piecesthat are removable (like cupholders)can be cleaned in a bowl of water mixed with a drop of washing up liquid and left to dry. Use a fresh damp microfibre cloth with interior cleaner to wipe the hard surfaces in the cabin. Toothbrushes, cotton swabs and paper towels placed on knives can be used to clean hard to reach areas. Make sure to disinfect the steering wheel with anti-bacterial wipes too. Wiping dry with a microfiber cloth.


Vacuum all the crevasses that are within seats and their stitching. Then if your car has leather, use a specific leather cleaner following the instructions. Optionally finish leather seats with conditioner to refresh it, leaving a near factory look.

Cleaning the Exterior

Start by parking your car in the shade. Then use thetwo-bucket method to clean the outside. Prepareone with cleaner and warm water, for soaking your cloth. The other fill with lukewarm waterfor rinsing your cloth. Clean the outside with a hose from top to bottom.

Then use a microfiber cloth to dip in the soap bucket and wash your car. Notwiping in a circular motion, instead go side to side. Dip in the rinse bucket, then the soap bucket and repeat wiping until the whole car is covered.Follow up with another rinse from the hose. It’snow vital to not let the car air dry – but instead use a dry microfiber towel to wipe away water droplets. Leaving a streak free finish.

Another important step is to clean the underside and add a layer of rust protection to your vehicle. According to Mark from Preserve Protect As harsh winters in the UK causes corrosion,stripping layers away to reveal bare metal surfaces. You can prevent rust byconverting existing rust for treatment and then coat with a layer of wax protection. This will prevent MOT failures and expensive bodywork repair in the future.