The top 5 best small vans in the UK market vary depending on what a person needs, expect and can afford.  Below are the top 5 in terms of fuel economy,  cargo capacity and resale value. In addition, the insurance premiums will be lower than larger vans.  It is now possible to get temp van insurance online so you easily test drive any of these vans for a day.

Ford Transit Connect

The top small van for the past couple of years has been the Ford Transit Connect. This van has both petrol and diesel engines and has proven to be reliable and best in class in fuel economy.

The petrol version is listed as a 1.5 L and was tested to obtain 72.4 mpg with the stop/start feature for fuel economy along with producing 99 g/km CO2 emissions.

The diesel version is a 1.6 L with a fuel economy of 70.6 mpg with the stop/start feature. The CO2 emissions were listed as 105 g/km.

The load volume is 2.3 cubic meters that can handle a payload of 660 kg. The body of the van can accommodate a Europallet. For more room the extended version is available that can handle a payload of up to 1000 kg.

The only draw backs are a larger turning radius and poor visibility in the panel version of the van.

Volkswagen Caddy

This van has been near the top for the past several years but is also most expensive than other cars and its competitors.

The 2.0 L diesel engine obtains fuel economy of 61.4 mpg with a CO2 emissions level of 120 g/km.

The cargo area is 3.2 cubic meters and can handle a payload of 735 kg.

Has the highest reseal value of any small van in the UK market.

Nissan NV200

This Japanese van has a higher ceiling than most of its competitors. It also retains its value due to the reputation of Nissan.

The 1.5 L diesel engine has a fuel economy of 57.6 mpg with a CO2 emission output of 128 g/km.

The cargo area is 4.2 cubic meters and handles a payload of 728 kg.  2 europallets can fit in the cargo area.

Advantage over most competitors is its tight turning radius and good visibility.

Renault Kangaroo

This is the most affordable small van to purchase and maintain. The only question is the reliability, which recently has improved.

The 1.5 L diesel engine with ‘Efficiency’ technology helps it to obtain 67 mpg with a CO2 emissions output of 110 g/km.

The load volume is 3 cubic meters with a payload just over 700 kg.

Has a regenerative braking system to charge the battery developed in Formula 1 not on other small vans at this time. There is also an electric version of this van.

Fiat Doblo

The types of variations of this small van are more than its competitors. There are choices of short or long wheel base and a high roof option. There is also the choice or rear barn doors or a lift gate.

The 1.3 L diesel engine can achieve 61.4 mpg with a CO2 output of 120 g/km.

The best feature in this van is the 1105 kg payload with a load volume of 3.5 cubic meters.

The Fiat brand has suffered from reliability issues that have been absent in the latest models. Because of the past history resale value is still lower than its competitors.