So, you’re merrily driving down the road excited about the lunch date or family meet up that awaits you. Suddenly, you feel a thud, the clutch starts to go, or your tire begins to exude a suspicious smell. What now? All drivers are bound to experience a breakdown at some point in their lives but not all drivers are so clued up on how to deal with it. To help, here’s a short breakdown (pun intended) of the steps you need to take:

  1. Pull Over, Slowly and Safely

If you are unable to move, then put your warning lights on and wait until there is a safe pause in the traffic to exit your car.

  1. Hazards On

If you are able to pull into the hard shoulder, you should then put your hazard lights on and exit the car through the passenger door, so as to avoid running into traffic.

  1. Assess the Problem 

Check your dashboard lights and tires but do not attempt to fix it yourself.

  1. Call Help

If you are signed up to a breakdown service or are covered by your insurer, call them. If not, you will need to either call the Highway Agency or source a local garage yourself. For example, there are services for 24 hour car recovery in Edenbridge who will be able to help you.

  1. Wait Safely

Wait as far away from the roadside as possible for assistance to arrive.

Breaking down is never a fun experience but by remaining calm and following these simple steps, you can ensure the problem is dealt with as swiftly as possible.