When the car steering wheel is shaking it is an annoyance and a situation that can create unsafe driving conditions. Eagle Car Removals offers the following tips on possible causes of a vibrating steering wheel.

Stop by your local tyre shop to have your wheels balanced. Many times when wheels are off balance, they will cause a great deal of vibration.

Your shock absorbers or struts may need replacement. When either is worn out, they will cause a vibration and even bounce when driving.

Check your upper strut bearings. If the upper strut bearings are bad, then you can experience vibrations in the steering wheel of the car.

Check the ball joints of the car. The ball joints are what keeps your suspension tight all while allowing movements. When they are bad, shaking results.

Check the tie rod ends. The tie rods are what connects the steering rack to the wheels. When they are bad, the wheels will want to turn in different directions and the car will vibrate.

If the car shakes while idling it is a sign that there is something broken like the motor mounts, or you are experiencing troubles with the fuel system. With either issue, you will need to have the problem fixed quickly.

If the car shakes while accelerating, the situation can be unsafe. However, the issue could be that the transmission fluid is low, the transmission filter is clogged, or the universal joint is worn.

Car owners that have not yet read their owner’s manual need to do so. The owner’s manual for a car offers pertinent information of the car and suggestions from the manufacturer for things such as service interval schedules and troubleshooting problems.

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