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London was and continues to be a traffic-congested city with millions of people depending on public transport to go to their place of work in the morning and to return home in the evening. However, the number of footfalls in public transports has plummeted in the past two years, thanks to the deadly and highly infectious Corona virus. More and more people are investing money in purchasing their own mode of transport. It is not possible for every person to purchase a car. Therefore, they hardly have any options left apart from purchasing a motorcycle. According to statistics, the last quarter of 2020 saw an increase of +58.1% in the number of motorcycle sales, with Honda grabbing the majority of the sales. Citizens of London no longer feel safe to travel in public transports such as buses and metros. Established in Japan on 24 September 1948, Honda has today become the global leader of a wide range of gadgets including their famous line of motorcycles.

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A surprise

Be prepared for a surprise when you see the name Motoden when you search online for Honda motorcycle dealers in London. This company is unarguably the biggest dealer of Honda motorcycles as a visit to their website will reveal. Find below details of some of the popular Honda motorcycles that are the rage of 2021. This will help you understand why it leads the market and is far ahead in terms of sale to other manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and many more. Although motorcycles manufactured by the last two named companies are quite good, they pale when compared to Honda. Although the motorcycles listed on their website are classified under different headings, we shall opt for one of those listed under street, because that is what you will be using when commuting within London City.

The Honda CB500F is the cheapest of the lot and costs £5,699. Motoden will deliver it to your home in London after you make a small online deposit. They will collect the balance payment via credit card or cash on delivery. You also have the option to apply for finance if you are short of cash. You can get this model in different colours such as Grand Prix Red, Black Metallic, Matt Gunpowder, Matt Pearl Agile Blue, Pearl Metalloid White, and Candy Energy Orange. The weight of this motorcycle that has a 6-speed transmission is 190 kilogram, and its seat height is 785 mm. It has a fuel tank with a capacity of 16.7 litres (inclusive of reserve) and can cover 83 miles per gallon.

Some of the other popular models under the street category include:

Honda CB650R Neo Sports Caf© at £7,199

Honda CB1100X £9,799

Honda CB1100RS £9,999, and

Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Caf©

Contact Motoden today for further details or visit their website for more information on the wide range of Honda bikes they sell. Drive safe, drive Honda!