Whether you’re selling a couple of new and old cars a year or running a dealership, you’ll be selling them much faster when you put together a marketing strategy. No one will know you’re selling a car unless they know about it, so spending some money advertising your car could get them moving. Here are some marketing strategies for selling a car. If you are selling old or second-hand cars. You should employ strict quality control and testing. Tony Allen provides such a great services.

Get Certified

Get accredited by your local Better Business Bureau. The independent car market has a reputation for being dishonest, so you should take any step you can to make your organisation more legitimate in the eyes of customers. Each state has their own way to get accredited, but you can use this accreditation in marketing materials. It also means your business gets listed in the BBB’s directory of accredited businesses; letting customers know you will be there to help.

Traditional Advertising

Buy up some space in the local paper and on classified listings. Consider running ads on television, radio, or on advertising billboards if you’ve got the budget for it. Make sure the advertising is targeted to the right demographic. Don’t advertise an executive car on a channel that primarily reaches young adults for example. Also consider a special offer such as a full tank o gas of free insurance.

Auto Marketplaces

Advertising in outlets such as AutoTrader drastically improves your potential customer based. A lot of people don’t mind travelling to get the car they really want, so these services allow you to reach a potential customer you couldn’t get with local marketing. You’ll likely need to pay to place the ad, but your car may sell much faster than it might have done otherwise. There are also auction sites you can use.


Make sure your business appears in online map services such as Google Maps and Bing Maps. After doing this, your company will show up for people searching for car dealers in your area. Make sure you also have a website and social media page for the dealership and keep an updated inventory. Post photos and videos of the cars across your website and social media as well.


Create a referral program to reward customers for sending new people to you. Provide incentives such as complimentary parts and services to people that recommend you to their friends and families. Put together a brochure explaining the program and hand them out to the people that buy your cars. When customers enjoy the service that you give them, they are more than happy to recommend you to other people they know looking for a new car, especially if they can get something out of it.

Test-Drive Incentive

You can run some incentives to bring customers into the showroom in the first place. Offer a test drive and then put the people that take a test drive into a competition for a prize such as car accessories or a vacation. Use your website, social media pages, and traditional marketing to advertise the offer. Make sure you have enough people on staff to manage the competition too!