If you’re looking to go on holiday and have a specific location in mind, you need to find the right rental car. The right rental car will allow you to get where you are going whether you’re driving there or just picking up a car after your flight lands. Finding a good car rental agency is sometimes difficult. You need one that has several different locations and several different kinds of cars to choose from. However, you can save even more money if you relocate rental cars. If you’re not particularly concerned about where you go or if you have a flexible schedule, you can save an incredible amount of money by relocating cars.


Typically, a vehicle rental agency will have several different locations throughout the country. Having multiple locations allows them to ship vehicles to people all over the country and to many different airports. However, that can also mean that the car you need might be at the wrong location. You might need cars for a large group of people, but the only available ones are hundreds of kilometres away. To avoid that, car rental agencies will move their cars around so they can have an even distribution at all of their locations. One of the ways they move their vehicles is by allowing customers to move them for a very low fee. It’s the most affordable way to find a car hire in Queenstown.

How it Works

Relocation is fairly simple. For example, if you are in Queenstown, you might want to go on holiday. A local Queenstown car rental company might need one of their cars moved to Auckland. They will allow you to drive the vehicle from Queenstown to Auckland for a very low rate. Sometimes, they charge as little as $1 per day. Such an inexpensive price means that you will get a very low-cost rental car to travel from Queenstown to Auckland. You can use that vehicle to save money on your travel and spend it elsewhere. Many people choose to take a rental car from one place to the next and then fly back to their original location when their holiday is over.

It’s not often predictable in terms of when and where a rental agency will need their cars to be moved. Therefore, you have to keep your options open and stay flexible if you want to travel by vehicle relocation. If you don’t care where you go, you will have many options. If you have a location in mind but don’t care when you go, you will just be able to check for different locations. When the location you’re looking for comes available, you can get a rental car for a very affordable rate.

You could save hundreds of dollars on your travels if you travel by relocating vehicles.