Cheers! You decided to take a self-drive holiday through New Zealand and you know that you want a motorhome. Now the question is which agency to pick? The motorhome hire agency you choose can make or break your trip. Find the right motorhome, with the right agency for the right price by using the tips below.

Quality and Experience

How long has the company operated? Are they experts in the motorhome hire industry or are they new to it? Do they have agents who are knowledgeable and experienced? These are questions that you want to know before booking with an agency.

The experience may also impact the quality of motorhome hires that are offered. What is the quality of the motorhomes? Do they look like they have been properly serviced and maintained? What type of equipment is included in the motorhome and what level of quality are the amenities? Comfort is an important part of your journey that is heavily influenced by the level of quality that is offered.

Determine whether the motorhome hire company will allow you to take the motorhome where you want to go and that they have adequate knowledge of the roads and various campsites. New Zealand has certain regulations that a quality motorhome hire agency would be able to tell you about because you should not have to figure it out on your own.

Price Matching and Good Rates

The best motorhome hire agencies offer excellent rates without reducing quality. They typically offer specials and discounts, particularly if you choose to book early or for an extended amount of time. Review the current specials and see if they are accommodating. Agencies like Salamanda Travel motorhome hire around New Zealand offer price matching which is also a great way to ensure you are getting the best rate.

Note that rates may also be influenced by whether you are dropping off and picking up the motorhome hire in the same place. They may also offer discounts for winter or autumn specials depending on the season of your holiday.

How easy is it to get a quote? Can you get a quote online or do you have to talk to an agent? Companies that value your time will usually allow you to get a quote through a convenient online system.

Check the company’s booking process. Do they make you pay upfront or do they have payment plans? Are there any additional booking fees or credit card fees that you need to know about? Are payments processed in local or foreign currency?

Knowledge beyond Motorhomes

For your self-drive holiday, it is likely that you will need more than just a motorhome. You may need to obtain simultaneously flights and hotels. An experienced motorhome hire agency will accommodate your needs and assist you in obtaining good rates for flights and other holiday needs. Having a motorhome hire company that can facilitate your holiday will make it less stressful for you.