When it comes to moving house, almost everyone automatically looks for a nearby removals company, yet some UK homeowners wonder just how much you can save by carrying out the move themselves. Just how much would you save? By handling the relocation project yourself, you would actually save the total cost that a removalist would charge, which would be considerable.

Hiring a Suitable Commercial Vehicle

Luckily, there is affordable van hire in Rugeley, and by looking at the largest item you have, which might be a double bed or wardrobe, hire a vehicle that can accommodate that. It might take a few trips, depending on how much stuff you have, and by acquiring some old blankets and packing materials, there is no reason why you couldn’t move yourself.

Items you Will Need

In order to relocate all of your personal possessions, you will need the following:

  • Packing Materials – Packing boxes, tape, a supply of bubble wrap and some rope.
  • Old sheets and Blankets – To insert between heavy objects to prevent damage.
  • A Few Willing Helpers – Perhaps family members are best suited.


If you go about the packing by using a labelling system, you won’t have a problem unpacking at the new home, and with each box clearly having the contents written on the side, you can put each box in the corresponding room.

The loading is the most physically demanding of tasks, especially if you have to bring heavy furniture downstairs, which can be quite challenging. Don’t try lifting anything that is too heavy, and make sure you have adequate help with the loading, and you should have no problems relocating yourself.