A commercial vehicle is defined as one that brings in revenue or assist the business in the operational aspect. It is mostly referred to as vans and trucks (or sometimes even cars) that offers the transportation of goods (deliveries) or even people themselves (chauffeuring and rental).

  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Cars


Most households do not own a van, as they would mostly likely prefer the comfort and looks of a car. But, what happens if you need a van for a few days to move your stuff to a new house, or even to transport some goods far away back to your home? You could probably rent a van from a company that provides commercial hire vehicles in Swansea.


Trucks are used for transporting bulkier and larger items as compared to a van, which can have a larger storage capacity. This could be items such as a portable toilet, long poles, cartons, and even waste materials.


Cars are normally rented out as commercial hire vehicles. This could be great if you are taking a short trip somewhere and you would like to tour the area. It is a great alternative to public transportation, but the cost will be a little high.

Before renting a vehicle, always check the condition and point out any scratches or dents on the body itself. Some companies are very particular about scratches and they will charge you for the damage, so be aware of their policy before renting from them.