Old Car

New cars depreciate within the first few years of their use. The value of the car goes down up to 60% less within the third year and in case an owner needs to sell it, the prices will be much lower. The original owner, therefore, goes to a loss but the new owner of the used car gets a favorable deal. With the proper maintenance and protection of the car, it can still serve for a few more years and may still have the manufacturer’s warranty if not tampered with. The market for used cars is also wide and people keep exchanging cars every time there are brand new car sales. Doing thorough research is necessary before buying a used car to determine the price range and clearly understand what model and mileage fit your needs and situation. A car owner looking to sell their car at a worth resale price should do the following to get the best value of their car when it is time to sell it.

  1.     Protection

Car surfaces are always prone to damages by various agents and factors. The car paint easily gets faded or can peel if not taken care of efficiently. Car owners should ensure that the vehicle is always parked inside a garage and covered when in the open. The choice of car covers is very important since the cover should fit the car model to ensure perfect coverage and fit. A can owner can do some research on car covers by looking at various car cover reviews before settling for a cover to use. Sheltering the car ensures that it is protected hence slows its paint aging. Weather conditions and harsh sunlight affect both the interior and exterior of cars. Any acidic droppings e.g., birds dropping, and acid rain also destroys the car paint.

 It is recommended that car sellers use other methods and products that will protect the car and ensure that its value and appearance are maintained. It is therefore up to the owner to select the best product to use. An option such as using a ceramic coating to protect the car paint is a good idea. Examples of ceramic sprays a car owner can use include Nexgen ceramic spray and Torque Detail among others. Ceramic products are designed to offer car protection from heat, sunrays, dust, particles, and water damages. There are several products in the market that can be used, and each has varying durability and effectiveness. For this reason, it is recommended to go through various reviews to settle for the best type of product. Shine Armor reviews for example give detailed information on the longevity, safety, application, and use of the product. The application of ceramic coatings is also very critical since when not done professionally as expected may lead to further damages to the car. The owner can therefore check on information on how to apply ceramic coatings or involve a professional to avoid any mistakes.

  1.     Buying

When purchasing a car, it is advisable to select a model or brand that will not affect the resale value after some years. Best-selling models always resale better and at good values. Another challenge that can arise is buying a model that will have an improved version. Market research is therefore important before choosing a particular type of car to buy.

  1.     Logbook

Car service is very vital in maintaining its value. The logbook has a detailed record of car services. Not having a logbook can result in lower estimation values and risks when it comes to selling the car. The records always give buyers some confidence in the operation of the car since it is evidence that the car has been taken care of effectively.it is, therefore, necessary to get the car serviced at a dealership.

  1.     Kilometers

The mileage covered by a car has a great effect on its resale prices. The higher the mileage coverage the lower the car prices in the market. Certain mileages mean that the car may require some major services on buying.

  1.     Warranty

A car that still has a warranty goes for a higher price than the one without. The manufacturer’s warranty is always viable for three years or a mileage coverage of 10,000km. The warranty provides comfort to potential buyers.


The above factors together with several other factors that dictate the quality and value of a car affect its resale price. The more appealing the car looks the higher prices it is likely to fetch in the market. The process of selecting a car to buy has an impact at the end of the service and affects the selling of the car. It is therefore important to ensure that anyone looking to buy a car does enough research to avoid going at a loss during its resale.