We all do, in our heart of hearts. Never mind the impracticalities. Driving in a Rolls Royce won’t encourage as many looks of malicious envy as it does admiration for the beauty of your vehicle, but there will be some.

Parking will be a nightmare, running costs frightening and just hope that nothing goes wrong with the engine or that you drive over a rusty nail. Drive it regularly enough and the post man will start delivering to your local petrol station so much of your time will be spent there.

Or is owning a Rolls Royce really that expensive? Spend a bit of time finding a specialist, and the annual service will set you back under six hundred pounds. And insurance? Well, actually, there will be no need to sell one of the children on eBay – unless you want to.

Under two hundred pounds a year, fully comp, for 5000 miles annually. It’s actually not that much more than a mini.

And the initial cost is much less than might be considered. Yes, you could end up spending hundreds of thousands on a new model, but if you have that kind of money, service costs won’t even be a consideration.

But for the everyday person, a decent 1980s Silver Spirit can be yours for £10k. In fact, with a careful check to make sure that you will not need to spend too much bringing the car up to scratch, there are some models on sale for £5,000. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to use a sell my car fast service and then purchase a Roller!

And for that, you get a car with real, solid wood, deep carpets, leather goes without saying. A drive that is exceptionally comfortable, a car that is reliable and so well built (by hand of course) that thirty-year-old models sound as good as new ones.

The 6.8 litre engine is heavy on the fuel, and unless you go older (and probably more expensive) there will be a few years of vertigo inducing levels of road tax, but getting through a bottle of wine less a week will cover that.

The other thing about owning a roller is that your purchase is a living investment. Five years ago, the Shadow was in a similar position to the Spirit, but now finding one of these is likely to cost fifty per cent more than a half a decade ago.

For somebody looking to spend £10k on their next car, or who is after something to bring out on special occasions, a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is a serious contender.

Or you could, of course, get yourself a Kia Picanto Hatchback instead.