Like humans, cars are also in need of rest and rejuvenation. Pro Car Removal, a top car removal company in Melbourne, offers car owners the following tips on how to reinvigorate your car.

Aside from the washing, cleaning, waxing, and vacuuming consider the following to take your car from ordinary to invigorated.


Over time, headlights can turn yellow and foggy. Grab the tube of toothpaste and a cloth and get your muscles working cleaning the glass of the headlight. Once you’ve cleaned the lights, rinse with clean water and dry. If you find that there are cracks on the headlights, apply a bit of clear nail polish. If you want an optimal sparkle, wax with furniture polish.

Bumper Stickers

You may have current bumper stickers, registration stickers, decals, etc. Get rid of any that are not sentimental or current. This will help your car to have a new lift.


The body of your car should be regularly washed and waxed. If you find that you have stubborn particles or substances that you can’t remove from your paint then pull out the dryer sheets and gently rub to remove the dead bugs, etc.


Your dashboard should be cleaned and polished regularly. Coffee filters make a great duster for all interior components to be used after vacuuming. Once the dashboard is polished use olive oil.


While your car may look sparkling on the outside it won’t look or feel fresh if it the inside of the car is a mess. Keep your car clean and organised. Be innovative to keep things clean like lining the cup holders with silicone or paper cupcake liners to catch spills and crumbs, a cereal container for a trash can, etc.

For car owners that are selling their cars, Pro Car Removal will buy your car regardless of its condition. Call 0420 474 829.