experienced heavy truck towing operator

Heavy-duty vehicles are not just massive and heavy but can withstand considerable wear and tear. They run over long distances every day and carry very heavy loads. In short, these sturdy vehicles won’t buckle under extensive hauls and rough roads. But they are after all mechanical equipment that have a number of moving parts. In case of a breakdown while on a trip you would need a heavy duty towing operator to come to the rescue promptly.

We at Truckmasters Maintenance Center are one of the leading companies in this space and provide excellent 24/7 heavy truck towing services to customers across the region. If you start looking online, you will find there are a large number of companies that offer these services. While it’s great to have such a wide choice, it can become difficult to determine which truck towing company would be able to provide the best services exactly when you need them.

Different heavy truck towing services

Large, heavy haul trucks come in all shapes and sizes and so you need to contact a company that has the capacity and fleet of towing trucks to cater to your particular needs. The different types of heavy-duty vehicles that we can tow include:

  • Heavy duty towing
  • Tractor -trailer towing
  • Semi-truck towing
  • Truck decking
  • Trailer stacking
  • Semi-trailers
  • Storage trailers
  • Long distance semi-trucks
  • Other

The latest equipment

We use a variety of configurations, based on the vehicle to be towed. Some of these configurations are designed to tow front wheel drive vehicles. The larger truck towing equipment is specifically designed for long trailers and heavy-duty towing. These specialized towing trucks also have the muscle to pull out large and heavy vehicles and trailers out of roadside ditches or accident sites as well. It’s important to associate with an operator that is able to handle all of these jobs skillfully and reliably.

24/7 heavy duty towing services

No one can predict when they would be in need of heavy-duty truck towing services. It’s why you need assurance that the operator provides 24/7 emergency services and that they are on call round the clock. They should be able to send out a heavy truck towing vehicle at the time you need it. This is especially important if your vehicle has broken down in the middle of a busy highway or has gone off the road due to a skidding accident.

In these situations, immediate assistance is what matters and that is exactly what you get from us at TMS Truckmasters, We also provide heavy tire replacement & repair services as well as emergency roadside assistance. Very simply, we are the experts that will respond promptly, be at your location without delay and handle the job efficiently and safely. We can provide the assistance you need and tow your truck to the required location.

Hire the experienced heavy towing professionals

At Truckmasters Maintenance Center we focus on excellence in every aspect of the job. With over 25 years of solid experience in the field, we know what it takes to cater to the needs of different customers. Over the years we have handled jobs of every scale and are at your service day or night.

We operate out of three, centrally-located service centers in the Montreal Metropolitan Region, and can provide the heavy truck towing services you need. Our service centers are located in Vaudreuil, St-Laurent, and Boucherville in Montreal and we provide quick and reliable assistance to any kind of emergency heavy-duty vehicle breakdown situation.

For more information about the services we at Truckmasters Maintenance Center offer, feel free to call us at any one of our centers closest to you.