Cars make memories and the owners getting attached to their cars is quite a common scenario. We understand that it is difficult to hear anything negative about your car. Things get worse when people around you call your car a junk, and it becomes impossible to believe it. But once you hear such words, it is normal to have doubts and finally you want to be sure, if really your pet car has grown that old to be called as a junk.

To start with, we must know what is a ‘junk vehicle’. As defined by a Chevy Harrisburg dealership expert, a junked vehicle, which is also known as a salvage vehicle, is a car that is damaged to such an extent, that it doesn’t make any sense to be sent for a repair work and brings more financial gains if its parts are sold off individually.

  1. Sounds Bad

If your car is making metallic sounds while driving on road, that would be the first sign of damage that needs a consultation. If nothing improves even after a couple of repair sessions, then probably it isn’t worth to drive any more and be considered as a junk. You can take a sigh of relief and can still create memories for some more time if the sound stops after a repair work.

  1. Fuel Inefficiency

Old cars need more of energy to perform even smaller tasks. The fuel tank gets emptied too fast without valid reasons. The latest cars are far more fuel efficient. If your car is drinking up too much fuel, even more than before, it is time to realize that it is becoming a junk very soon.

  1. The Odometer Reading

If the rolling set of numbers on the dashboard has hit shown a 100,000, it is time to rethink about how long your car can carry out the tasks that you assign to it.  A car that has travelled many miles would require more frequent repairs than the cars that didn’t have to face much wear and tear. Though cars manufactured within the last 15 years can handle six-digit miles, the older models aren’t equipped with parts that can withstand that high level of usage. Therefore, it is always recommendable to evaluate the worth of your car once it crosses 100,000 miles.

  1. Problems Not Diagnosable

If your car is suffering from chronic warning light flashes, and if it shows more number of warning lights on the dashboard too often than usual, then it is better to visit a repair shop and check with a reliable mechanic who can go through the usual check list, that contains the essential features that cannot be ignored if found damaged. If the list has too many faults, then it is time to give up and junk the car.

  1. The Car Can’t Travel Long Distances

As suggested by the Chevy dealer Harrisburg, if you don’t feel confident to take out your car to cover long distances because of the mileage, sound and other hampering reasons, and prefer to limit its usage within the city lanes, then it is the last sign that your car is no more a car but a rolling piece of junk.