How to concretely decide between these different models of trucks? What criteria should be taken into account when moving in the best possible conditions? Because it is very annoying to realize at the last moment that we were mistaken in size (imagine for example that you cannot get everything into the truck that you rented), we give you here some tips to choose the best vehicle to rent in one-way rental.

Always Choose The Model Above!

It is better to predict too much than not enough not to be bothered on D-Day. So, do not hesitate to choose, if you hesitate between two models, the one that is the largest. This will avoid you unpleasant surprises! You can easily fit all your furniture and personal belongings, previously stored in cartons of different sizes. It’s not about taking too big! There must not be too much space between your furniture so that they cannot fall for example in case of dry braking. The right truck rental services Singapore is important here.

Why Favor A Large Truck?

To be quiet as we said and to have enough space to store everything. But also because if you realize at the last moment that you have rented a utility too small, you will have to provide several round trips to move everything. No interest in this, especially as in our company, we offer you to rent your truck one way to save money but also trips. So do not get tired of anything, especially if your new home is far enough away from the old…

Choose Your Truck According To The Number Of Rooms / The Surface Of Your Property

You can fully estimate the volume of the truck to rent and therefore its size depending on the number of rooms in your house or apartment. On our online site, we tell you what truck to rent depending on their area: and our 12m3 utility will be particularly suitable for moving a 2-room apartment (30 to 35m2), when the largest of our trucks, 30m3 can allow you to safely move all contents (furniture and cartons) of your old house between 80 and 100m2. After all depends if some of your furniture is removable: they will take less space in this case! For each type of truck, we also specify the number of standard size boxes that they can hold, so that you can see things better and calculate your needs better.

It is therefore a matter of planning when choosing your truck that will accompany you on the day of the move. Neither too big nor too small, must it really adapt to the size of your previous home. If you are unsure of yourself, you can use our online volume calculator service anyway, which will make your job much easier!