Whoever you are, having a windscreen shatter while driving is one of the most nerve racking experiences you can have, and it can happen at any time, under any conditions. It is a sad fact that some fatal accidents are the result of a smashed windscreen, and with that in mind, here is some very useful information to help you deal with such an emergency.

  • Immediate Response – Your initial response to a shattered windscreen should not be one of panic, and nine times out of ten, there will be a hole big enough to see, but in the event you have no visibility, punch a hole directly in front of you at eye level. This is not a time for hesitation, and with the wheel firmly in one hand, open the palm of your other hand and, using the heel of your hand, gently push your way through the glass, keeping your fingers outstretched, which will ensure a large enough hole for you to see. If you happen to be in the Midlands when it happens, a quick call to We Replace Any Car Glass will ensure a rapid replacement is despatched to your location, and with expert onsite fitting, you will soon be on your way.
  • Don’t Panic – The modern car windscreen has a thin layer of plastic that runs through the centre, and in the event it shatters, the glass fragments will remain in place, so you won’t be showered with thin slivers of glass. You will need to pull over as soon as possible, but don’t stop in a place that is likely to hinder traffic, and once the event has occurred, stopping instantly is not essential. If you are at all prepared, you would have the number of an emergency windscreen replacement company, failing that, a quick online search will put you in touch with the right supplier, and make sure the emergency flashing lights are on (if the car is on the side of the road), then you can exit the vehicle and make the call.
  • Avoid Driving On – Unless it is an emergency, you should not drive the vehicle any further than is necessary, and once you have found a safe place to park, exit the vehicle and do not attempt to remove the existing unit. Any emergency windscreen repair company would be able to fit a replacement, and once the know the make and model, the new unit should be with you within the hour. Looking at things in a positive light, think of it as an opportunity to enjoy a fresh coffee, or whatever refreshments are available.

For a majority of motorists, a shattered windscreen is not something they will ever experience, but if it does happen to you, bear in mind all of the above and it won’t be any more than a slight inconvenience, and with the number of a local replacement company in your smartphone, you will always be prepared.