Car Parts

Whether it be due to an accident, deciding to cut your losses on an old car you can’t sell or it not being deemed fit for the road by a mechanic, the decision to scrap your car is not one to be envied.

If you are in this position, you can take some solace in that literally millions of other drivers know how you feel.

But take heart, we have good news! Some scrap car parts are highly coveted leaving you with the opportunity to pocket some cash. Check out our rundown of which ones you need to be aware of if you plan to visit the junkyard.

GPS Navigation Systems

Although we are in an age where the norm is to whip out a phone to get from A to B, there was a time having an inbuilt GPS was the epitome of cool.

That being said, it may be surprising to realize that if you have one, it is one of the scrap car parts that are highly coveted. People who have them often search for replacements for cracked and damaged screens. The good news for you is that they are one of the easiest scrap used car parts to remove, so crack out the screwdriver and make that extra cash.


Often the first thing to feel the brunt of any small accidents, bumpers are at the top of the list of things that people go looking for at the scrap yard. But there is a reason that we have all seen a car whose bumper didn’t match its color. They are surprisingly expensive!

More than just a shell made from plastic and fiberglass, bumpers today house fog lights, air vents, and more leading to their high prices. If you have to scrap car parts for cash, be sure to focus on selling your bumper as they are in demand from private buyers and body shops alike!

Catalytic Convertors

It may seem like a concern for the environment is a modern worry, but the introduction of catalytic converters being obligatory goes back to the 1970s. These fascinating inventions are instrumental in preventing toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from polluting the air we breathe.

To do so the instrument is made up of a surprising blend of highly prized metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum, a fact not lost on many thieves.

When considering which scrap car parts will make you the most cash, you may not realize that a pretty penny is to be made from this practical and innocuous instrument.

Your Engine

Finishing with where your real money can be made, initial feelings of dejection from selling your baby for scrap car parts after an accident can be offset by selling your engine.

Selling your engine does take some work, with removing it and draining fluids not being a quick job. But if fully functioning budding mechanics often turn to the second-hand market to replace their own. A complete engine refit using a new engine is an expensive job, and with so many previous popular cars being out of production the demand is high for them.

Even if your engine isn’t for the road anymore you still have hope! Car scrappage is at its heart is a means to get the best your car has to offer, and your engine is the jewel in the crown. Taking into account all the aluminum they generally have, your engine is a safe bet in making some cash.

Piecing Together the Value of Scrap Car Parts

Every cloud has a silver lining, and if you can make a buck or two from a car that isn’t roadworthy, that surely is a good thing! We hope our list of valuable scrap car parts can prove to be useful for your knowledge and to your bank balance.

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