Prom nights don’t come daily, they are special and everything about the prom night is the dress right. Selection, and then short listing the options. Even eleventh hour alterations are no big deal when it comes to the prom dress. What things are of the same importance as dress are your transportation and comfort. If chosen wisely you will have the best prom night with luxury vehicle at your service. Its luxury, its comfort and above all its prestigious. Toronto limo Rental Company offers the best fleet of cars in town. Following are some items that you must bring in your prom limo.

Extra clothes and shoes           

The best things about proms are to be dressed up and show your style to the world. People are wearing all sorts of outfits to impress others and you want to be unique as well as comfortable in your own skin. You must bring an extra pair of best clothes and shoes with you so that you can change them easily at your prom.


Split the fare with friends

You cannot afford a limousine for your prom because of limited resources, no worries, just split the fare with your closest friends. Everyone wants to travel with style and it’s the prom night. You can even ask your class fellows to join you in your limousine while sharing the fare. This will be a good opportunity to make new friends.

Emergency kit

You can pack an emergency kit in your prom limousine in case you need it. This can include some important medicine, needle and thread (In case of wardrobe malfunction). Some of the most important items include pain killers, motion sickness medication, stain removers, pepper spray, safety pins and some extra cash in case you need it.

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Make up refresher Kit

You should also bring a make up refresher kit along with you in your prom limousine so that you can refresh your make up during the commute. That kit can easily fit in your hand carry bag or you can also put in in your luggage with extra suits that you are carrying. This kit will not only make you look fresh all the time but also will save lots of your time in restrooms.


You can have a mini party in your limousine car by bringing some light refreshments. The time spent in commute should not be boring for you and your friends, so you can bring light refreshments for the journey. Most limousines have a bar area which can be easily used for such occasions. The mini fridge will keep your drinks chilled and the party never stops.


Your prom limo have all the entertainment resources you need. A television screen, speakers and led screens are a must in a limousine. However you can bring your own multimedia devices for your own playlists and choice of videos. You can play everything you like as the limousine are mostly sound proof, the music doesn’t go outside easily. You can even bring your own games so that your journey is full of joy and fun with your friends.