Selling Your Car

Are you at a point in your life where you’re making substantial changes? Whether you’ve landed a new job, started a new wellness program or are ready to upgrade your car, having a plan is the key to successful execution. You no doubt researched the company, position and growth opportunities before accepting a new positon. Likewise, you probably set a weight goal and strength objective before venturing on a new wellness plan. Taking advantage of the deals offered by Groupon coupons and jumpstarting your weight loss plan with MediFast diets was most likely on your list.

When it comes time to sell your used car on your own, follow these recommendations from the automotive professionals to get top dollar. You’ll most likely receive the highest selling price when offering to an individual directly verses selling it to the dealer or trading it in for a new car. In order to get top dollar, your vehicle should be in pristine condition. Make sure you have the service records and a clear title for the transaction. Thoroughly clean your vehicle on the interior and exterior, including all the windows and tires. Shampoo the carpet mats or replace as needed. Pay special attention to cleaning the console area.

Take multiple photos of your vehicle and write an honest description of the condition and why you’ve chosen to sell. Research websites that list cars for sale in your area and upload your photos and description onto a listing on the website. Have a clear and realistic expectation about the value of the car prior to posting. There are multiple websites that can provide approximate values for your car given the year, mileage, condition and model.

Plan to be responsive to inquiries as quickly as possible. Prospective buyers are often searching for listing they can view on the same day. When arranging to meet, select a public are and let a friend know you’re meeting someone that has expressed interest in the car. When negotiating the sales price, be specific about the form of payment you’re prepared to accept. Finally, take your license plate from the vehicle and either return it to the motor vehicle department or register it with your new car purchase. Best of luck to you!