Electric car

A type of green cars is Electric cars. These are the ones that use the electrical energy to run instead of fuels or gasses. They have batteries installed in them which are charged and then that is what the cars run on. Like everything else in life, electric cars also have pros and cons.

The electric cars are known to be very quick. A single ride in the electric car would tell you how different it is from the regular conventional car. An electric car is very smooth and quite. It runs smoothly, and when you step on the accelerator you would just feel the power go to the wheels and not just make a lot of noise.

You would not have to go to a gas station ever again. You would only have to park your car in your garage and plug the car in for charging. This would only take about a minute to plug in the car and you would have a charged car in the morning. You would not have to drive over to a gas station early in the morning.

Electricity is a lot cheaper than the petroleum so tons of money is saved. And also because the electric cars do not need oil changes and regular maintenance, these cars would be a lot easier for you to manage and won’t be a burden on your pocket.

The regular conventional cars are bad for the environment because of their emissions. The electric cars have little or no emissions at all. The electric cars have no tail pipes and because of that, they do not pollute the air as other conventional cars are known to do.

The electric cars run on the battery charged with electricity. A regular cell phone needs almost like an hour and a half so charging a car would take so much longer than that. And with that too, a regular electric cars runs almost 80- 100 miles once full charged. Even though the range and the costs are improving rapidly, there is still the issue that if your batteries run out in the middle of the road, you would hardly have any options to make it run again if there are no plugs around. Also, if you drive a lot daily, you might not want to consider driving them when you know you have to go a long way.

The electric cars take a lot of time to charge. An electric car, after being on charge for about an hour, would only add up to 15-20 miles and this is only the case when the charging is done on a high power electricity source. As opposed to this, you just need to stop at the gas station for like 10 minutes and drive a long way with a full tank. Another thing that should be mentioned here is that you would only be able to use the electric car on a regular basis as long as you remember to plug it in to charge at night before going to bed.

The electric cars are crazy expensive. You could possibly get a smaller or a midsized conventional car in the rate of a single electric car but the Electric cars come with a few incentives. Some places reduce the taxes you have to pay if the car is green. The electric cars have lower maintenance costs and so much more.

There is not a lot that you can actually choose from. You do not have a lot of choices. Although the market is expanding a lot and that too rapidly but the choices are almost nothing as compared to the conventional cars.

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