Testing the new Geely Coolray crossover was rushed from Berlin to St. Petersburg.

However, the replacement turned out to be quite adequate. This is because organizers can find enough creative space in cities and regions. Which is quite suitable for Coolray. The premise is simple: the new crossover is for a younger audience who must appreciate the model’s unusual style. cheerful interior high quality electronic equipment and relatively modern technology. With this kit, the Coolray is the utilitarian opposite of the Hyundai Creta and draws back from the equally promising and innovative Kia Seltos.

Fifteen years of evolution of Chinese models in Russia, no brand has ever touched our market. And today, the brands Geely and Haval are arguing over conditional leadership in the market. At the end of last year, Haval took the lead. But no brand has a modern model in the most popular budget crossover segment. That is why the Chinese made an extra bet on the brand new Geely Coolray without hesitation, selling it for almost more expensive than the Creta.

When asked if the Chinese had learned how to build high-quality, modern cars, the Geely Coolray responded with rather styling, with a set of design elements that traditional manufacturers rarely decide. Be interested in the two-tone, “hanging” roof and the entire series of volumetric elements, from the intricate radiator linings to the intricate plastic side panels. The only seemingly superfluous here is the oversized neck of the bumper and the flickering spoiler of the fifth door that is a feature of the upper “sports” chassis.

The interior came out not only but only design but also comfortable Emphasis on the driver and passenger are separated from the symbol by a handlebar grip. The steering wheel is truncated at the bottom, the seats have strong lateral support, and a colorful display with beautiful graphics is set before your eyes. The other is on the console and the graphics here are beyond praise and run quickly. There is no navigation and from the mobile interface has only its own which allows you to mirror your phone screen even if you cannot do it with just one finger.

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Test drive the Geely Coolray.

Another good thing is the tactile gear selector made from cold aluminum. The rows of Porsche-style buttons are a little tactile. But in terms of a set of functions, everything is serious: a downhill assist, a power plant mode switch, an all-round camera button (!), and an automatic parking attendant.

But what impressed me the most was not the dress itself. but how to do it all not only material But it does not cause rejection and only smells. but also perfectly fitted and eye-catching color schemes. After starting, it turned out that the Coolray also has good sound insulation and is very comfortable to drive at speed, which is forbidden to move even on the highway. This doesn’t mean there’s a sense of school in the chassis setup, as the Coolray is full of compromises on this point. Suspension comfort ends with more tangible bumps, although the chassis doesn’t rattle and doesn’t try to fall apart. The handling raises more questions: if everything is fine on a straight line when trying to actively corner, the driver loses the feel of the car and the steering wheel does not provide adequate feedback.

Turning on the Sport mode changes the beautiful image of the instrument even more and makes the steering wheel inflate with a very dense effort. But it seems that the efficiency of the electric booster is deteriorating. There’s nothing really sporty about the car’s behavior, which is a bit disappointing against the backdrop of a very good powertrain.

The only thing the Geely Coolray lacks in order to fully perform in the crossover segment is an all-wheel drive system, which doesn’t seem superfluous for a car with 196mm of ground clearance. Its absence seems odd. Page at a price of 1,5 million rubles, which is asked to be the most popular version of Coolray, although the Hyundai Creta has a drive for all four for the same price.

Another thing is that the Coolray doesn’t just look many times brighter and more modern. But there is also a more serious set of equipment. At 1 ruble of the car there is a keyless entry system and remote engine start system, heated front and rear seats, washer nozzles and parts of the windshield. Wind, blind zone control function, cruise control and single-zone climate control. The car is also equipped with a panoramic roof with a sunroof, an automated parking system, a touch-sensitive media system and a customizable instrument screen.