Bike Riders

Whether I am a newbie or a veteran in riding, making mistakes is the only way to learn. I have been doing this for decades and I am not where I was when I first began riding. However, there are some common mistakes that I made you don’t have to make them too.

So, here we go!

Braking in corners

Braking before a corner is much safer as opposed to braking when at the corner. It is risky to brake in a corner because your bike will be at an angle resulting in it locking up. This may lead to losing control and crashing.

Braking as I approach a bend is safe since I can easily slow down to negotiate the corner safely. It is best to brake even earlier during rainy seasons due to the high stopping distance, especially if your bike has a caliper.

Poor bike maintenance

It is essential to ensure that I check my bike regularly and maintain it in good condition. By doing this, it helps me avoid the embarrassment of being rescued by the roadside. I pay special attention to the gears, tires, brakes, and handlebars. I ensure that my bike is clean, and I lubricate the chain. I often take my bike for servicing since it is the best time for dealing with potential problems before they are serious.

Getting second-hand spares parts

Fixing your bike with already used spare parts may be the difference between arriving safely and crushing. Some parts like brake pads, shock absorbers, rims, motorcycle tubes, gear levers, tires, clutches, and exhaust pipes should be new. I always visit an OEM motorcycle parts dealer for high-quality products. You can also buy aftermarket parts as long as they’re new from a trusted dealer.

Grabbing hard on the brakes

Grabbing the brakes hard is risky when slowing down. Since you have to ensure that your weight distribution on the bike is stable, failure to do this may result in loss of control, instability, and you might fly over the handlebars in extreme cases. Focus ahead and pay more emphasis on the front brake for safe braking than the rear brake.

Squeaking chain

Nothing as annoying as a squeaking chain, right? Not only does it annoy, but it also damages your bike since the friction wears out the bike components. With some little oil, you are good to go. And your chain would last longer.