Car Audio System

If you’re a car enthusiast then you might know that the first car dates back to 1885 by Carl Benz. The top speed was about 16 km per hour.

Today, cars have come a long way including internal features. When you’re driving in your car, you want the best car audio system.

This article will go over how to choose the best car audio system for your vehicle. Read on to explore this guide and make sure that you pick out the right audio system today.

Determining What Car Sound System Fits Your Car

First, before performing an audio installation, you’ll want to make sure that the stereo fits in your dash. You can also check out information about special adapters, installation kits, etc.

How You Listen to Music

How you listen to music will help you determine which features are must-haves. Whether that includes FM radio, SiriusXM, or music from your phone.

Many new cars don’t come with a CD player anymore, you might need to add it in. There’s also the option of an HD Radio broadcast.


If you’re looking for a replacement speaker that has cutting-edge layouts, look for newer models. It’ll allow you to see the album, song, and artist information. You can adjust the stereo much easier too.

Floating screens are popular today. Instead of it fitting snugly into your dash, it floats in front of it. Ease of use is another benefit of this type of device.

Coaxial vs Component

For high-quality sound choose component speakers. There are plenty of full-range car sound systems to choose from. Keep in mind that component speakers tend to cost more.

Coaxial speakers are a great option when you’re looking to install them yourself, or don’t have much money. You can find aftermarket speakers as well.

Power Handling

This is the amount of energy that the speakers can deliver without distorting them. Take a look at the RMS power rating before you buy your speaker.

The RMS power rating is more vital than the peak power handling rating. The peak power rating is how much continuous power a speaker can handle.

Don’t Max Out the Tone Controls

Car sound systems will work best when they’re tuned. This creates distortion when you turn the sound up on the highway.

In order to increase your sound, you can use a smaller boost in the bass and turn up the volume.

Don’t use excessive tone boosts if you’re considering a stereo with a multi-band equalizer. A good EQ setting is vital since you won’t want a loss in sound quality.

Determining the Best Car Audio System

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to choose the best car audio system. Take your time picking out the right one for you and determine what’s most important.

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