A damaged windscreen is not only a safety hazard, in some cases it can be illegal and result in a fixed penalty notice and penalty points. Whilst no Police Officer will take action directly after an accident, if the damage impedes driver vision you will probably require the services of a recovery truck to remove the car from the highway. For this reason, it is important to have trusted and reliable Staffordshire Windscreen Services amongst your list of contacts. Established and well-regarded windscreen services providers should be able to provide you with:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free MOT Windscreen Checks
  • Glass Scratch Polishing Removal
  • Same Day Service for Repairs and Replacements

Table of Contents

Finding Local Windscreen Specialists

If you are in your local area when damage occurs to your windscreen you will probably know exactly where to go and who to see to repair or replace your windscreen, but what if you are outside your home area? If you are in a rural area outside of city limits it may be hard to find a repair service immediately, so you may have to use the internet. Typing your location + windscreen repair into a search engine should give you a list of options. If the windscreen is damaged to an extent that is affects vision, you should call the company and arrange a recovery vehicle. Although there may be a cost incurred, your insurance policy may be able pay for it, dependent on your level of cover. If the damage is a relatively minor, you may be able to return home for repair at your local windscreen repair company.