Cruise Control

Cruise control is a comfort feature in many cars, and one that needs to be used properly, or you can put yourself, your passengers and all other drivers on the road in danger. Southside Towing offers the following tips on when to use cruise control and when not to.

Firstly, cruise control can help with fuel efficiency, and offer driver comfort. However, there are too many drivers that do not understand that there are times that they should not turn on the cruise control of the car, which includes:


When driving in traffic, do not turn on the cruise control for the car or you are asking for hazards. When there is bumper to bumper traffic, or the roads are congested, do not activate the cruise control setting. In traffic, there is a greater risk of accidents, and you need to have control of the throttle at all times.


While you shouldn’t be behind the wheel when you are tired; the worst thing you could do on top of driving while drowsy is turning on the cruise control for the car. While it may seem as though it is the thing to do, you are already lazy behind the wheel, and it will add to the comfort and can contribute to an accident as it will make it easier to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Bad Weather

When the weather is bad out, keep the cruise control turned off. Not only do you need control of your car, if the roads are wet you can easily lose control of the car.

Open Highway

You may be driving home late at night on the open highway and think the comfortable thing to do is set the cruise control. Don’t! When driving on an open highway you are more likely to be distracted, unfocused, or drift off when relaxed. Falling asleep at the wheel is much easier, and could mean a fatality. Do not set the cruise control while driving on the open highway.

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