Drive a Car

Are you looking for some driving tips?

It never hurts to get some extra knowledge and tips when it comes to driving. Regardless of if you’re starting to learn, or you’re looking to improve your skills. Nobody is an expert, after all.

We’re here to help you get a step closer! Read on for these tips and tricks you need to know when you drive a car.

When Making a Left Turn Don’t Turn Your Wheels Before

This is a top tip when it comes to driving methods. When making a left turn, it’s dangerous to turn the wheels beforehand. You need to keep them in the central position. If a car goes crashes into the back of you it could push you into the opposite lane. It’s then inevitable that you’d hit oncoming traffic.

Don’t Let Low-Speed Lull You Into False Security

When you learn how to drive, gauging speed is tricky. On a straight, level road your speed will feel 2 times lower than it is. Make sure you’re aware of your speed and the time it’ll take for each action. For example, if you take a turn too fast you could skid and lose control.

Use Your Hand Brake

When driving tips, make sure you use your hand brake regularly to keep it active. To stop, you need to use the brakes and they need to be in top condition.

The only exception to using the hand brake would be in very cold conditions. Here you should avoid using it in case the brake pads freeze. You can read these braking methods for more braking tips.

Watch Taller Cars For Their Maneuvers

Keep an eye on the car right ahead of you, but also the taller ones down the road. Drivers in taller vehicles (especially trucks and buses) have a clearer view.

If they all start moving lanes at once, it’s likely for a good reason. You should change lanes too, in case there is an obstruction ahead or crash that you need to move around.

Dry Your Breaks After Puddles

Slow down before driving through any water and go through smooth and slow. If you drive too fast, change speed, or maneuver, water could get into your ignition, stalling your car. Or you might lose grip and control of the vehicle.

After large puddles don’t change speed or cut the engine, stay moving slow. Test your breaks a few times to check they work, and to dry out the brake pads.

Get Comfortable Feeling Where Your Wheels Are

If you want to avoid potholes and obstructions, you need to learn to feel where your wheels are. Use an empty plastic bottle you crushed with your foot. Practice driving over it with both front wheels, hearing the crunch to learn the distance.

Tips on How to Drive a Car You Won’t Want to Miss

So, there you have it! Now you know these tips on how to drive a car, you can practice your driving skills.

You must learn how the car you drive feels, and get used to all its little nuances. Make sure it’s in top working condition too, especially your brakes. You don’t realize how much you’ll rely on them. Always take care when driving, and be safe on the roads.

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